This is a game played on OngoingWorlds
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Every fantasy creature, and mythical creature has joined together to fight humans who have found their hiding places and wish to kill them. There are a few main creatures but every creature has its own species. Dragons lead them Gargoyles come at a close second with Gryphons. Pegasus's and Unicorn's are in the same group. Some humans have joined the creatures side but have been killed off. Hydras, Sea serpents, really any creature that's big enough to survive the first wave of humans has lived. Only a few of each species is left but more join everyday the humans are growing in the ways to kill the creatures but the creatures must learn ways to fight back!

1. Immortality for the certain creatures that have it but they can be killed. They just can't die of old age.

2. Don't kill off a character unless the character you want to kill is your own or the characters owner has given you permission to kill his/her character

3. Have fun and no dissing other people

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