Name: Dragster

Primary function: Frontline scout/Marksmen

Alt mode: Dodge Viper

Alt mode 2: Thruster mode (The car's back is morphed into two thrusters)

Weapons: Two Plasma Shoutguns

Profile: A speedster through and through, Dragster is one of the fastest in Nexus' old Labyrinth group. Now he makes a living as a Decepticon spy and scout for any battle or seige. He has the quickest feet, but that doesnt mean every step is a smart one.

Abilities: Apart form his speed, Dragster has a kneen eye, which makes him an excellent marksman. Weaknesses: Being fast he is very reckless which can be his down fall. If his legs are damaged he loses alot of his menace and in the end he feels that he is weak because of it.

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