From the Personnel Report of Agent Ravage as per the request of MegatronX

Subject: Drakan

Primary function: Unspecified

Alt mode: Bipedal white dragon

As you are aware the subject is a shell program inserted into a prisoner in a rather poorly thought out attempt to discredit the Autobots. However, while a normal shell program should only create an altered version of the original personality, this one seems to have erased the Autobot and created a fully independent individual. I would recommend further study on this phenomenon as it could be a useful way of recruiting Autobot prisoners.

Personality Profile: I can say very little about the subjects actual character, as he seems to go out of his way to keep a distance, seemingly behind a tirade of phrasings designed to constantly wrong foot those around him.

Weapons and abilities:

Particle Cannons: Concealed in each fore arm is a powerful particle cannon. While powerful, they cannot be fired in rapid succession because they will over heat, meaning that they are limited to single shots only. When in alt mode, both cannons position themselves in his neck, allowing him to fire a blast which seems more powerful standard single attack.

Claws: His preferred weapon, Drakan's claws are composed entirely of raw energon. As such we theorise they may capable of cutting through all known metals. Also, by bringing the claws together, he can create energon bursts. Although this seem virtually impossible to direct, they pack a lot of power.

Kenetics: Drakan can generate kenetic fields from his fists that allow him to lift objects without touching them. This may be limited to objects within a relative distance of 6 feet, however, so in combat it is an ability that requires improvisation.

Armor: Due to his energon bursts ability, Drakan states his armor is completely non-conductive, dispersing any form of energy, be it electrical or energon. However, there is a flaw. As evidenced by his battle with Shadowshock, if the armor is pierced the energy will be sent to that spot and concentrated, effectively tripling the amount of damage it might cause

Pain: We have observed him taking damage while not displaying any obvious signs of pain. Again, something that requires attention

Combat Profile: We have very little to go on, however these are an early estimate.

The reliability of this data is questionable, particularly technical skill, as it is based on the fact his claws cause any unshielded equipment to short out or even explode on contact.

Recommendation: I strongly recommend we observe this individual, both from the possible and surprising research potential, and some evidence of mental instability.

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