Draven Wolf Alexander Edit


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Name Draven Wolf Alexander
Species Tech Organic
Sex Male
Age 26
Roleplay Information
Name [1]War WithIn
Genre Transformers.
Type RPG.

Draven Alexander

  • Quotes and Catchphrases
  • Heads I win Tails you lose
  • Fuck what you heard
  • Well Well Well
  • Isnt that daisy
  • That's just my game
  • Im your huckleberry
  • I'll make you famous
  • . Now tell these people something they dont know about me.
  • Victim's arent we all .

Appearance Edit


Tech Organic Draven

Robot mode known as Drakos (but answers to either)

      • Hair : Black or Blonde with at times different highlights Including purple
      • Eyes : Hazel
      • Build : 26 (male) Slender
      • Height :6,4
      • Weight : 232
      • More often than not wears face paint

Details Edit

      • Drakos The Wolf
      • Weapons "optic blasts" from his eyes
      • and Razor Fangs like that of Six shot.

Inventory Edit

Clothes Edit

      • Black Trenchcoat ,Jeans , And T Shirt
      • Wolf Pendant around his neck

Weapons Edit

      • No Weapons mentioned

Extras Edit

      • --------------------------

Personality Edit

General Edit

      • Daredevil / Illusionist/ Extremist/
      • Likes : A good cause

Previous MovesEdit

  • T.E.N The End Of Days (sharpshooter)
  • End Of Dayse (Sweet chin music)
  • Death Sentence (RKO)
  • Fall From Grace (Swanton Bomb)

Familiy Edit

Marital Status Edit

    • Married
    • Wife: Demonika Alexander

Family TreeEdit

      • Father : Deceased
      • Mother : ?
      • Brother: Trenton Alexander

Skills and Weaknesses Edit

Physical Edit

    • Stronger than the average human

Skills and Education Edit

    • Professional wrestler
    • Is good with tools
    • Is technorganic, like Sari Sumdac

Weaknesses Edit

History Edit


    • Unknown

Adulthood Edit

    • The Past

      Trained and found by Sting to be his successor he has done nothing but impress winning any title he wanted anytime he wanted . And now with his fiance Demonika and kids and being reunited with his brother Trenton. He parted with Sting when Sting asked Akasha to leave him for Sting she did .But there slowly patching things up but not on good terms yet. In a heated rivalry with Azrael and they both vow someone will have to die for it to end and current tag champ with HHH.

      His LOW Return.
      He returned to active competition with win after win his return pitted him against Kane and he won , but this was just a step he than chose to go in Tag competition with long time friend Xander Cage later even longer time Friend The Rock and form Pure Rage after defeating Every team on the roster finally the chance came against the champs TNR in which Pure Rage decimated the team proving Orginals on this night was better than the so called new breed.

      The Retirement
      It was too soon as he was undefeated and was set to face Clay .He accepted the match not knowing it would be his last as Clay hit a move wrong and Draven's knee paid the price ........will he return to the ring like his mentor NOTHING IS FOR SURE but we are told the injury isn't as severe as though so it is possible.

      The Return
      The Return not to the ring but when Sting stepped aside he once again hand picked Draven to be his successor to take his spot as co gm and that is the Draven we see each week in LOW .

      Once again the center of controversy as the underling of Sting has once again caught the eyes and ears of LOW Legends Promoters and Fans and watched the team of McMg come out victorious over the Corporation but Draven who had been missing is now back with a brand new bag of tricks driven by determination and led by Desire one has to wonder how much longer before we see the Wolf back doing what he does best although he does gm damn well too .

      Recently with him gm'ing Fusion and current European Champion the future looks bright for the Alexanders with Demonika back at his side she runs Trendkill and will even let him know it and he runs Fusion and lets the world know it. And the Brief run with Vigilante's Of Justice he and his brethren went undefeated for quite a ride till Draven had to bail for personal reasons.

      After a Hiatus back with a new attitude and with his friends The Covenant at his side one step away from tag title gold winning his return and nu one contender match.

Current Status Edit

    • After Years Of Wrestling and more Wrestling he lost the will realizing it was match after match that when he said the world he meant it . Finding out the hard way after a match he wasn't human he decided to pursue something bigger and that's when he happened upon the power struggle in the war within between bot con and armour's .

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