Name: Dust Off

Primary Function: Medic/ engineer

Alt Mode: Earth Monster Truck

Alt Mode2: None

Alignment: Autobot

Weapons: Ion Cannon (20 shots)

Profile: Medic and ships engineer for the MTSOT Abilities: Dust Off was brought online several hundred years before the Great War, and fought during the Decepticon Border Wars. After seeing several of his friends die because of lack of medical help, he swore he would never be unable to help again. It was shortly after that he joined the medical corps, training in the same class as Ratchet. Weakness: Dust Off has an aversion to killing, brought on by his experiences in the border wars, and his medical training, but if the lives of one of his friends is in the balance, he can be quite brutal. He has a preference to shoot to disable rather than shoot to kill. He’s also inclined to render first aid to any mech, completely disregarding their alignment.

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