Name: Eastwind

Alligence: Autobots

Altmode: Futuristic Fighter/Bomber

Functions: Air Combat

Weapons: Pulse Plasma Cannons, Tail mounted Ion cannon (also used when transformed), 6 AA heat seekers)

Profile: One of the renegrade Decepticons that have followed Warhawk to earth, Eastwind provides the Air support for the team. Often teased as being scatter brained and flighty, he spends most of his time either flying, thinking about flying or complaining that the others are preventing him from flying just to amuse themselves (when they are really trying to get him to recharge.) If EW had his way then he would never touch the ground, instead doing everything in the Air. While he claims this is because he likes being free, the rest of the team know that its because hes extremely claustrophic.

Ablities: As well as the normal array of seeker sensors, he is also equipped with a unique one that allows him to always know where the others are no matter the distance. To this day no one has been able to work out how it works but he can use it to move himself and anything that touches him to one of the others location.

Weakness: While he can teleport himself to one of the others, it drains energy both from him and the target. How much energy that gets drained, depends on the distance, and the amount of weight that is getting transported. From one side of the battlefield to another would slow them down but transporting something from cybertron to earth would most likely come close to killing both.

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