Name: Ecto

Primary function: Autobot

Alt mode: Modified Ecto 1 with flight mode.

Weapons: Proton Pack (runs on battery that allows for 100 shots before needing recharge)

Profile: An Ecto 1 was forced from an alternative reality, due to the events of the Cataclysm. He was in New York helping the Legendary Ghostbusters find and take down ghosts. Now he is finding his way back home, but doesn't believe that will happen any time soon. The mood-influencing slime he carries causes him to turn a shade of green when made angry. When he is really happy about taking people down you can hear the Ghostbuster theme song.

Normal abilities: Egon modified the Ecto 1 to have a new flight mode, allowing Ecto limited flight ability.

Special ability: Proton pack has a slime-blower attached to the wand which fires green slime. The slime immobilizes enemies for three posts.
Weaknesses: The proton pack on his back makes for a large target; if damaged, it can potentially overheat or overload.

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