Eläinrata is a textual role-playing game with a modern fantasy setting based around the zodiac, organized by Seiya and Hisao on IMVU and forum. They also have an IMVU group page for organizational purpose.

Plot Edit

Background Edit

The Order of Eläinrata is the governing body of its own state. It was founded long ago by the last remaining of twelve heroes. These heroes, the Twelve Luminaries, had fought and defeated evil creatures known as the Four Fiends that had come to their planet to destroy it. The Order of Eläinrata was created after this event to train warriors who would protect the planet when the Four Fiends would come back, which happened several times over time.

A second purpose of the Order of Eläinrata, other than a training camp, is protecting the sacred weapon known as the Eläinrata. This weapon, along with twelve rings carried by the Order's leaders, is the remnant of the twelve swords that were the Luminaries' weapons. It is kept in the Order of Eläinrata's headquarters, at the heart of the State of Eläinrata.

Role-play Edit

The plot of the actual role-play revolves around the day-to-day life of the members of the organization, who live and train on the grounds of the Order.

Role-play Edit

The role-playing in Eläinrata takes place both on the group's forum and on IMVU in a public room called Eläinrata.

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