First Lieutenant Emmet Mallory, Assistant Intelligence Officer - USS Agamemnon

Emmet Mallory is a retired Star Trek simmer. He served on the USS Agamemnon of the United Space Federation as an officer in the Intelligence Department.


Basic InformationEdit

  • Birth Name: Emmet Quinn Mallory
  • Place of Birth: San Francisco, California: Earth
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 6 Feet, 1.5 inches.
  • Weight: 162 lbs.
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Children: None
  • Current Rank: First Lieutenant
  • Current Post: USS Agamemnon
  • Current Position: Assistant Intelligence Officer

Family HistoryEdit

  • Parents:
  • Christopher Michael Mallory, Ph.D. (Deceased)
  • Julia Felice Mallory, Ph.D. (52)
  • Siblings:
  • Christopher Michael Mallory, Jr. (31)

Starfleet RecordEdit

Emmet Q. Mallory was admitted to Starfleet Academy on 199608.12 at the age of 17. As his entrance exam scores had previously shown, Mallory demonstrated an advanced understanding of astrophysics and engineering fundamentals. His academy record reflects that, while intellectually gifted, Mallory struggled in most social situations. He graduated from the academy with full honors.

Mallory accepted transfer to Starbase Everest as Assistant Engineering Officer, under the command of Fleet Captain Jason Storm and Lieutenant Jon Glack . He received quick promotion to Lieutenant, Junior Grade, Assistant Chief of Engineering, and later, Full Lieutenant. He made several notations in his duty logs that he was fulfilled with his position and duties.

Lieutenant Mallory was granted extended leave of absence, due to the illness of his father on 200007.24. Little information is available on this period of time, other than the death of his father on 200010.30. Starfleet received his request for reinstatement and transfer to the Corps of Engineers on 200112.01. After a full psychological profile was completed, the request was granted on 200202.02.

During his tour with the USS Aldington, it was noted that Mallory demonstrated performance above and beyond the call of duty. He was known for taking on extra duty shifts, and volunteering his time with the science and medical departments. After a classified incident on Tecra III, Starfleet Intelligence requested his enlistment in the Intelligence Training Program 200308.05. All matters in this regard, for the next 3 years, are classified.

A transfer request was granted on 10611.29 to the USS Agamemnon as Assistant Intelligence Officer, under Commanding Officer Commodore Alex Synth and Chief Intelligence Officer Captain Lyra Rose.

Primary Course StudiesEdit

  • Operations Protocol
  • Security Protocol
  • Leadership Development
  • Advanced Communications
  • Warp Field Theory
  • Transporter Operations
  • Advanced Starship Engineering
  • Holomechanics
  • Astronomy and Spatial Sciences
  • Starship and Planetary Construction
  • Shuttle Piloting

Major Events/Transfers/Post ChangesEdit

  • 199907.15 Graduated from Starfleet Academy, full honors.
  • 199909.19 Arrived on Starbase Everest to serve as Assistant Engineering Officer. (Fleet Captain Jason Storm)
  • 199910.03 Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade.
  • 199910.23 Promoted to Assistant Chief of Engineering.
  • 199912.19 Promoted to Full Lieutenant.
  • 200002.17 Received Federation Peace Medal, along with crew of Starbase Everest.
  • 200005.15 Promoted to Chief Science Officer.
  • 200006.24 Received Commander's Commendation for exemplary service. (Commander Lyra Rose)
  • 200007.24 Extended leave of absence granted, due to personal matters. (Details follow).
  • 200202.02 Approval for reinstatement granted. Assigned to Starfleet Corps of Engineers.
  • 200202.24 Began tour on engineering vessel USS Aldington. (Captain Gerald Gibson).
  • 200308.05 Transferred to Starfleet Headquarters for Federation Intelligence training.
  • 200402.25 Completed required training.
  • 200402.26 Information restricted to Starfleet Intelligence.
  • 200611.29 Approval for transfer to standard vessel granted.
  • 200611.29 Assigned to USS Agamemnon as Assistant Intelligence Officer. (Commodore Alex Synth)
  • 200702.01 Promoted to First Lieutenant.

Personal HistoryEdit

Emmet Mallory was born to Dr. Christopher Mallory and Julia Mallory, an astrophysicist and a graduate student at the San Francisco Institute of Technology, and a three year old brother, Chris, Jr. Christopher and Julia insisted on scientific studies for their children at a very young age. They provided the brothers the best in education and private tutors, hoping that their children would join them one day in the scientific community. Once Julia received her doctorate in field theory, the children were provided a full-time nanny to ensure focus on studies.

Because of Starfleet's military background, his parents opposed his application to the Academy. Once accepted, his parents denied him any support. Because of their intense rejection of his chosen career, Mallory did not speak to his parents from the date of his academy entrance until around 200007.01.

Throughout the Academy, and even after his transfer to Starbase Everest, Mallory exhibited a very withdrawn personality, and shied from most social situations. He preferred the solitude of his quarters when not working his duty shifts. He was involved romantically very few times during this period, and chooses not to speak of them. However, he was an outstanding officer and earned the respect of his comrades as he climbed the ranks of promotion.

After approximately ten months on Starbase Everest, Mallory received a personal communique from his mother, on Earth. His father's health had been quite poor, and the doctors predicted he had very little time to live. After his request for extended leave was granted, he spent the time trying to make amends for the several years everyone had lost. He was able to have three months with his father before he passed away.

He spent another year on Earth reconnecting with his family and past. After the trauma of his father's death had subsided, he took on a more aggressive, outgoing personality, knowing that each day may be one's last. He experienced many more romantic relationships at this point in his life. Each was rather fulfilling for him, but, he took the lead on ending the relationships before they became too serious or emotionally involved.

Mallory enlisted in the Corps of Engineers, this time with the full support of his family. He took every opportunity to learn and achieve more not only with his own duties, but with other departments as well. He was well known among the crew, and, when not on duty, could be found in the crew lounge entertaining a crowd of people.

Because of classified circumstances, Mallory was transferred to Starfleet Intelligence on 200308.05. After two years of service, he made several requests for transfer, none which were granted until 200611.29. While the transfer was a relief for Mallory, his upbeat, optimistic personality had been destroyed due to the nature of his work. He strives now to continue in the linear advancement of his career.

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