Name: Enigma

Primary function: demolition/Sabotage

Alt mode: Phantom white and silver Bugatti Veyron sports car


twin shoulder/roof mounted High velocity rockets (fires 4 missiles each with a recharge stock of 100 per launcher)
twin Sais.
Energon surge blaster (carries a diverse supply of ammo cartridges)

Accessories: Various explosives and detonation devices.

Quote: "Let's kick the tires and light some fires."

Profile: Enigma is as his name suggests a mystery. He has no background on file and no construction data to signal that he is a new upstart. His spark signature doesn’t even register on any scanners as if he doesn’t really exist. Yet clear as he is standing there, Enigma does exist. Enigma however has a secret. He does in fact have a past. He has dealt with Stunshock before in the past and now places himself near the Supreme Warlord of the Decepticons at hopes to get another crack at him. He will not reveal his trump card just yet, no, he will bide his time and get ever closer to his target before playing his final hand.

Abilities: Enigma is a skilled demolitions artist. He can create any type of explosion necessary for the job at hand. In addition, he seems unaffected by the explosion and can stand directly at the epicenter and receive little to no damage. Due to Enigma’s armor, he is able to sustain heavy weapons fire for extended periods. The armor is light flexible and able to take extreme temperatures.

Weaknesses: Enigma can take a beating and keep on ticking; however, he is severely limited in his close range capabilities. When it comes to a fistfight, he falls short of the finish line. Preferring to remain at medium to long range were his rockets and Energon blaster are able to do the most damage. He does have a pair of Sais for close combat; however, without them he has no real CQC skill. After what happened to him in the past, Enigma is very careful about planning his next move. Bit when he does it is usually a big one.

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