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Epsilon Force, commonly abbreviated to EF, is Star Trek role-playing community. It was founded on September 28, 2008, after the breakup of Sigma Division. Several role-plays, U.S.S. Atlantis, U.S.S. Ticonderoga, U.S.S. Leviathan, U.S.S. Highlander and the U.S.S. Nova Horizon, left Sigma Division to found Epsilon Force. After 5 years of service, Epsilon Force shut down on March 31, 2014. But on January 1st, 2015 she was reborn but went inactive except for Starbase Pioneer (it's flagbase) and the U.S.S. Valley Forge (Ticonderoga). In August 2016, she merged with 19th Fleet to continue along as part of the 19th fleet and to keep the name epsilon force



Epsilon Force was founded by many of the simulations and writers of Sigma Division which was founded in June 2007 by Dale Smith (Vice Admiral Janelle Barek, later Admiral Jarrod Mushar). The idea behind the fleet was to foster creative freedom and independent operating simulations. The fleet went through internal strife in the middle of 2008 when a ship, commanded by Dale’s father, was continuously put on the simulation shut down list for inactivity. Dale used his authority as FCO to wipe the matter clean. Soon after, he began to take over parts of fleet operation (the fleet academy) which were not under his authority according to the fleet constitution.

Several members of the fleet staff including: Judy Chapman (Admiral Gwena Max), Stan Warnock (Vice Admiral Deveniss), Kyle Thomas (Field Colonel Kyle Shafto), Luke Peters ( Rear Admiral Luke Peters), Matt Williams (Commodore Tim Williams), Franc (Commodore Scott Graham) and Brian Sabo (Admiral Koolah) began to discuss what should be done about the situation.  The outcome of the discussion according to Brian Sabo (Admiral Koolah) was “we all agreed if Dale, who was the overall head and face of Sigma wasn’t going to agree with the rules that he helped create we didn’t need him.” There was a clause in the Sigma constitution that allowed the fleet staff to remove the Fleet Commanding Officer, and it was acted upon.

Before things were set into motion, the fleet staff discussed all possible outcomes of confronting Dale. The operation was codenamed, “Undertoe.” After they wrote a letter to Dale, explaining their reasoning and their grievances, they agreed to make a backup of all of the simulation websites in case something would happen. Their preparation appeared to pay off, as Brian recalls, “… [Dale] went dead quiet for much of a week. His reaction was to shut everything down. [He] went so far as to wipe the server.” Much of the conversations between the fleet staff happened offline, via telephone due to some internet problems.

Early days Edit

In between leaving Sigma Division and founding Epsilon Force the new staff of EF started planning out the fleet via Google docs, email, and IM, this including the drafting of the first fleet constitution and general guidelines many of which were brought over from Sigma Division. The fleet staff at that point consisted of Judy Chapman (Admiral Gwena Max) as Commander in Chief, Brian Sabo (Vice Admiral Koolah) as Deputy Commander in Chief, Stan Warnock (Commodore Deveniss of Selay) as Chief of Staff, Luke Peters (Rear Admiral Luke Peters) as Director of Personnel Affairs, Franc (Commodore Scott Graham) as Director of Research & Development, Commodore Maximillian Arturo as Fleet Academy Commandant and Matt Williams (Captain Tim Williams) serving as Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 84: The Macedonians and Webmaster.

Command timeline Edit

Time Commander-in-chief Deputy Commander-in-chief Chief of Staff
2008-2009 Judy Chapman Brian Sabo Stan Warnock
2010-2011 Brian Sabo Stan Warnock Craig Dockstader
2011-2012 Brian Sabo Craig Dockstader Kurt Keller
2012-2014 Brian Sabo Jason College Kurt Keller
2015-2016 Brian Sabo Kurt Keller N/A
2016 - Pres. Brian Sabo Wayne Wildt Kurt Keller