Ethan Neufeld (also known as Katsuo Hayashi, Gage Silver, Zachary Savage, Nathan A. Sterling, and Kenneth P. Body) is an avid simmer. He is an active member of Independence Fleet (IDF) and several other independent Star Trek writing groups/sims. Neufeld originally was introduced to IDF by William Eastwood, and was in the process of joining the USS Sunfire-B when it separated from IDF. He opted to join another game after encouragement by Eastwood. Ethan Neufeld rejoined IDF in 2008, and is still a member there. He became an Admiral in 2009, and continued as a member of IDF Admiralty until late 2010 when he retired from the Admiralty.


  • Gage Silver - Engineer, USS Avalon (IDF)
  • Ethan Neufeld - Master-at-Arms, USS Avalon (IDF)
  • Zachary Savage - Commanding Officer, USS Washington (7FP)
  • Katsuo Hayashi - Admiralty (IDF)


Ethan Neufeld is not what he considers a "fan" of Star Trek (mainly the TV series). His knowledge of the genre came from the studying of William Eastwood and Ashla Bogan's reference materials and a "crash course" of self teaching. He has not seen a lot of Star Trek, and generally has to research episode references, etc before commenting on them. His entry into Star Trek simming took considerable coaxing. Ethan Neufeld is a fan of Stargate, and bases a great deal of his characters off of aspects of that series.

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