Andrea Hendrix is a Star Trek simmer with Federation Sim Fleet.  She is most noted for playing Rear Admiral Nicolai Bastetovski II (FSF Bastetovski).


Andrea starting simming in April 2003 in Spacefleet Online (SFOL), playing Quinn Troi. Later, she developed the character of Lt. Ael Hheinia, a Romulan officer. A few years after SFOL merged into the Federation Sim Fleet (FSF), she became a GM 2 Host in FSF and first started on Dark Falls, but ended up transferring to USS Independence-A as GM 2.

In addition to simming, her hobbies include writing poetry and fiction novels/stories, and crocheting. She is also part of an APA League (8-ball team). She is currently a college student looking to get an Associates Degree in Computer Information System-Network Management. She is also looking into getting a Bachelor Degree either in Programming and/or Website Design. Learning about computers and website design always interested her and she is looking into a career in website design or programming fields.

FSF Host Name: FSF Bastetovski

Name: Andrea Hendrix

Host Hiring Date: 2008-2-12

FSF Characters:

  • Rear Admiral Nicolai Bastetovski II (Human), Executive Officer, USS Independence-A
  • Lt Mairan Tiy (Bajoran), Intel Code Specialist, USS Independence-A;

, Operations Officer, USS Stargazer (SFOL)

  • LtJr Amun Singh (Human), Chief Engineer Officer, USS Ghost Hunter
  • Commander Sitelk (Vulcan), Executive Officer, USS Phoenix
  • LtCmdr Olivia Heart, Chief Medical Doctor, SB35
  • Captain Olivia Heart, Commanding Officer, USS Hornet


  • Quinn Troi (Human/Betazoid) - in processes of being transferred

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