FSF Bourne (also known as FSF Bauer) is a simmer from Federation Sim Fleet (FSF). He currently hosts Torchwood: United Front in FSF's Epsilon Fleet.


Name: Sean Clayton

Host Names: FSF Bourne, FSF Bauer

Location: Plymouth, UK

Notable Characters: Sarah Jamieson, Jo Jamieson, Anthony 'Tony' Walker

Fleet: Epsilon Fleet

Years Simming: Began in 2003

Simming History Edit

Current Administrative Roles Edit

  • Interim Training Director

Past Administrative Roles Edit

Current Sim Assignments Edit

Past Sim Assignment Edit

Awards and Medals Edit

  • Distinguished Service Medal: Awarded (2005-12-17) Dark Frontier, (2009-09-25) USS Endevour, (2011-07-16) Star Trek: Eternity
  • Silver Host Service Star: Awarded 2009, 2010, 2011
  • Pennington Award: Awarded (2011-07-16) Star Trek: Eternity
  • Good Conduct (Bronze): Awarded (2007-11-08) Stargate Command, (2009-03-07) USS Endevour, (2009-06-26) USS Providence
  • Good Conduct (Silver): Awarded (2007-11-08) Stargate Command, (2011-03-05) USS Providence, (2011-07-16) Star Trek: Eternity
  • Good Conduct (Gold)': Awarded (2007-11-08) Stargate Command
  • Meritorious Service (Bronze): Awarded (2010-04-15) Stargate Command
  • Good Conduct Medal (Platinum): Awarded ( 2010-04-15) Stargate Command
  • Jamaica Medal of Stamina: Awarded (2008-02-24) and (2010-03-01) USS Providence

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