FSF EBK is a Star Trek simmer who first began simming in 1995. Today he is the commanding officer of the Federation Sim Fleet's Epsilon Fleet. He previously served in the Star Trek Simulation Forum (STSF) and Spacefleet Online (SFOL), and with the independent sim, the USS Independence. He is noted for playing the character Elliot Bell Krasner.

Simming HistoryEdit

Elliot discovered simming in late 1995, on America Online. One of his friends told him about a chatroom where he could play a starship officer. He was intrigued and after talking to several others, joined the USS Independence. The ship was not associated with any fleet but flourished for almost four years. During that time Elliot served first as an Assistant Security Officer and then Chief of Security. The ship disbanded in 1999 and when Elliot's family moved to an area without internet access later that year he was forced to abandon his simming temporarily.

Elliot rejoined the simming world in March of 2003 when he joined the Star Trek Simulation Forum (STSF). He went through the academy and was eventually assigned to the USS Manticore as an Assistant Medical Officer. From 2003-2004 Elliot served on several ships in STSF but his simming career did not really begin until he found Spacefleet Online (SFOL).

It was in June of 2004 while searching Google that Elliot found Spacefleet Online. He met FSF Scott2 and was assigned to the USS Trafalgar as an Assistant Medical Officer, and then the USS Stargazer as an Assistant Engineering Officer. Over the next year and a half he would be made the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Engineer on those respective vessels.

While serving in Spacefleet Online, Elliot was told about another simming fleet known as the Federation Sim Fleet (FSF). He signed up and joined several vessels including the USS Magistrate, USS Akira and USS John C. Stennis though he was forced to leave all of them due to time commitments.

In April of 2005 Elliot met Miles Acton, who told him about a sim he was forming called the USS Cartier. Elliot accepted the job of Executive Officer and with a crew of seven the Cartier launched later that same month. A few months later, the Cartier was admitted to the FSF and Elliot was made a host taking the name FSF BK. The crew grew by leaps and bounds and soon swelled to 25 simmers. After Captain Acton left the ship for reasons unknown, Elliot was made the Captain in December of 2005.

In April of 2006, with a crew of 34, Elliot decided that the Cartier needed a change. At the end of a three month plot Elliot's character slammed the ship into a Dominion Warship, in a re-enactment of the battle that ended the Dominion War. The crew voted on a new vessel and Elliot chose to name the ship the USS Independence in honor of the first ship that he ever served on.

In April of 2010, Elliot became a member of FSF's Fleet Command as the executive officer of Alpha Fleet. He was promoted to commanding officer of Epsilon Fleet in May of 2013.

Notable Assignments Edit

Organization Sim Name Years Rank Name Position
Independent USS Independence 1995-1999 LtCmdr Elliot Bell-Krasner CSEC
TF82 USS Exeter 2002-2003 Lt Elliot Bell-Krasner OPS
STSF USS Manticore 2004-2006 Lt Elliot Bell-Krasner AMO
FSF USS Independence NCC-02276 2005-Present Rear Admiral Elliot Bell-Krasner CO
FSF Starbase 35/USS Jefferson NCC-01776 2009 - 2012 Fleet Admiral Robert Bell CO
FSF USS Stargazer 2007 - 2012 Lt Cdr David Johnson ASEC
STSF USS Republic 2006 - 2013 Lt Cdr David Michael Johnson AENG

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