FSF Guardian was a Star Trek simmer with Federation Sim Fleet.

Simming History Edit

Guardian, like many, started simming on America Online. Unlike many, he started at the age of 12, and thus started not in SFOL, but in the Star Trek Kids Only section, simming with the aptly named Star Trek Club, participating with this group until his mid-teens and finally taking a break from simming for several years.

Brought back in to simming by a friend from the AOL days, Guardian began his modern simming career on the USS Destiny in what would become Freedom Squadron. Beginning a penchant for creating non-standard characters, he'd stay on as Lieutenant Ez'kiel Treyek for about a year, creating many of the standards that marked FSF - strange alien races, supercharged technology, and recurring villain characters, and would become a host on the first incarnations on USS Atlantis and Project Wraith. After a year long sabbatical, he'd return to Freedom Squadron on the USS Horizon, and become a host on Project Wraith and Star Wars: Advanced. Again, he'd take a sabbatical when Freedom Squadron was dissolved.

In 2003, Guardian joined the FSF, staying mostly inactive while he began work on his own original concept - Vanguard: Legacy. Legacy entered FSF in early 2006, as a sim in Epsilon Fleet.

In late 2006, Guardian left the FSF (along with Vanguard) to join as one of the founding members of Imagination Sims.

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