FSF Immortal was a simmer in Federation Sim Fleet.

Characters played Edit

  • Alexa Klein-Strife
  • Katia Bergstrom
  • Hailey Cross
  • Rebekkah Abbot
  • Jaymie Sutton
  • Cara Jox-Ur
  • Kellie Hart
  • Lashunda Ciardan

Simming History Edit

Deep Space Nine:

  • XO, Line Captain Alexa Klein-Strife; ACns, Lt.(JG) Katia Bergstrom; AMO, Ensign Jaymie Suton

USS Challenger

  • XO, Commander Rebekkah Jor An; CDO, Ambassador Hailey Cross

USS Exeter

  • Helm Officer, Ensign Cara Jox-Ur

USS Endevour

  • Captains Yeoman, Petty Officer 1st Class Lashunda Ciardan

Starbase 254

  • Chief Engineer, Lieutenant (Jg) Kellie Hart

External Links Edit

Space Fleet's website
Deep Space Nine's website
USS Challenger's Website

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