Margo Rock (FSF Margo) is a simmer in the Federation Sim Fleet.

Character information Edit

Margo has played a number of characters during her simming career, including Margo Rock, Tsiknus Irata, Carmen Sandiago, and Dr. Kimberly Eaton.

Simming History Edit

Simming since 1999, Margo has many years of experience in chat simming. She got her start in the AOL sanctioned SFOL (Space Fleet On Line) and came over to the Federation Sim Fleet with the merger in 2005. Her longest character is Captain Margo Rock, which she has played since 2000. Her newest character is Dr. Kim Eaton on Stargate 10.

Administrative Roles Edit

  • Fleet Commanding Officer - Alpha Fleet (01/2014 - Present)

Sim Assignments Edit

External Links Edit

Space Fleet's website
USS Stargazer's website
USS Exeter's website
SFMC: AoD's website

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