FSF Omni is a Star Trek simmer with Federation Sim Fleet.

Simming History Edit

Omni was introduced to Star Trek in 1987 during the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) and was instantly drawn to it. He is also interested in Star Wars and general Sci-Fi. Omni discovered simming ca 2000 via the AOL chat rooms Boot Camp and Academy, which were devoted to Star Trek simming. Soon after, he was introduced to Jay Truce and the USS Stargazer, back when it was part of the United Planetary Federation, and became a regular crew member on the Stargazer. In 2002, Omni discovered the Federation Sim Fleet and joined the club, serving on the USS Legacy, USS Stennis, and USS Infinity, as well as the USS Stargazer after it was admitted into the FSF. In 2004, Omni joined the crew of the USS Aquinas as its helmsman and a year later joined the FSF hoisting staff as the ship's first officer. In August 2005, he took over the reigns of the USS Legacy as its commanding officer. Soon after, in September 2005, he joined FSF Starla in the FSF's fleet command as Alpha Fleet's Executive Officer. In May 2008, he was promoted to Alpha Fleet's Commanding Officer and FSF Trinity was made the Alpha Fleet Executive Officer. Omni also served as the GM1 of the Star Wars message board sim, Star Wars: Relentless.

Current Assignments Edit

Administrative Roles Edit

Sim Assignments Edit

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