Biography Edit

Name: Aaron Scott
Location: USA
Character names: Aaron Scott, Nitz Jaaron

Background Edit

Born in the mid-atlantic region of the United States of America to a loving mother and father, Aaron is the oldest of two children in his family. Ever since he was young, Aaron was always interested in science fiction, and Star Trek in particular. He was first introduced to Star Trek: The Next Generation by accident one evening in 1988, and since then, he's become a major Trekkie, occasionally known to attend Star Trek conventions in his region.

On a professional note, for the last 8+ years, Aaron has been a professional web designer and usability expert. He is currently lending his expertise to a large corporation that does work with the Federal Government, and is also the webmaster of Space Fleet's website, .

Simming History Edit

Aaron discovered simming in late 1991, on America Online. As he trolled around the Star Trek forum there, he discovered a group called Starfleet Online (SFOL). Intrigued by the idea of being able to play a game in which he could serve as an officer on a starship in the Star Trek universe, he joined the Spacefleet Academy, and quickly graduated to the Teenfleet.

In the Teenfleet, Aaron served on a number of ships until he heard of a new ship forming in late December 1993, the USS Endeavour (NCC-17156). Under command of the late Captain Hahn and Commander Katri, Aaron became one of the first members to join the ship, and has been simming on the Endeavour ever since. He is currently the only original crew member still simming on the USS Endeavour.

In the years between 1994 and 2000, Starfleet Online went through a number of changes, including a name change to SpaceFleet OnLine (due to Paramount Pictures threatening a lawsuit based on copyright infringement), several leaders, and a schism that divided SFOL into a number of fleets, each going different directions.

In the very early 2000's, Aaron became interested in becoming a host, and after a number of his applications were denied by the former administration, Aaron was approved. Soon after his training was complete, Aaron created a new simulation in SpaceFleet OnLine, called Outpost 221.

In 2003, a vote was held with all of the hosts in Spacefleet Online and Aaron was elected to be the new leader of SpaceFleet OnLine. Aaron helped SFOL survive a rough time in it's history, as the group to maintained its independence for several more years.

In June of 2005 he eventually led and oversaw a merger with the Federation Sim Fleet. The result was SFOL became a sub-fleet of the FSF, becoming known as Space Fleet, but retaining the right to the name SpaceFleet OnLine.

On July 11th, 2006, Aaron posted his official resignation as the leader of Space Fleet. The resignation was signed effective July 18, 2006.

Former Administrative Roles Edit

  • Fleet Commander - Space Fleet (02/2003 - 07/18/2006)
  • SFOL Webmaster (02/2003 - 07/18/2006)
  • FSF Website Director (11/2005 - 07/18/2006)
  • Co-Director of the Website Support Guild in FSF (08/2005 - 07/18/2006)

Former Sim Assignments Edit

External Links Edit

Space Fleet's website
USS Endeavour NCC-17156-A's website
Outpost 221's website USS Archeron's website

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