Biography Edit

Name: Will

Location: New Jersey, USA

Character Names: Nicholas Pegg, Lawson Kard, Adrian Snarf, Vexxan Ku, Jacob Role, William Morse, MoSu Wiriamu, Milamber Drelve, Edward Morse, Thranos, others.

Fleet: Space Fleet(SFOL)

Years Simming: 20+

Former Host Names: FSF Ku, Admiral Morse, CdrMoSuWiriamu

Background Edit

Coming Soon

Simming History Edit

Current Administrative Roles Edit

Space Fleet - Fleet CO

Federation Sim Fleet - Chief of Operations

Past Administrative Roles Edit

SpaceFleet OnLine - Admiral in Charge of Host Training (Pre-FSF Merger)

SpaceFleet OnLine - Admiral in Charge of Volunteer Programs (Pre-FSF Merger)

SpaceFleet OnLine - Executive Officer

FSF Guilds - Director

Federation Sim Fleet - Policy Advisor

Current Sim Assignments Edit

Star Wars: Paragon - GM1, Nicholas Pegg

Star Wars: Shadow Squadron - GM1, Lawson Kard

Stargate: SG-10 - GM2, Adrian Snarf

Past Sim Assignment Edit

USS Endeavour - CEng, William Morse

USS Endeavour - XO, MoSu Wiriamu

USS Trafalgar - Ops, Milamber Drelve

Outpost 221 - Chief Operations/XO, William Morse

USS Exeter - Advisor/Acting CO, Edward Morse

USS Exeter - CMO/CO, Thranos

USS Stargazer(SFOL) - Marine Sniper/XO, Jacob Role

Torchwood: United Front - GM2, Kirkvilt

Torchwood: United Front - GM1, Edward Drexel

USS Stargazer - Black Ops Janitor, Adrian Snarf

Star Trek: Project Origin - GM2, Adrian Snarf

Firefly: Objects in Space - GM1, Kindred Deckard

USS Ghost Rider - Science Officer, Talla P'trell

Star Wars: Paragon - GM1, Vexxan Ku

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