Faith is a simmer with Charmed: Before the Dawn.


Faith is one of the oldest members of the Charmed community, and as such has a very long history with Charmed: Before the Dawn. Some records have been irrevocably lost, unfortunately. What is known is that, Faith joined the community while it was known as Charmed Ones Online, she was mainly a Buffy and Angel role-player, and exhibited a talent for planning and participating in Free-Form Stories like The First, which was her creation and used by Charmed Forever Forums for years. Faith was nominated and accepted into the Council of Elders in 2010, shortly before the changeover to Charmed: Before the Dawn.

Faith's duties within the Council of Elders are Forum Management, part of the staff for the Twilight section, and basic admin duties. She still serves as a respected member of the Council of Elders to this day.

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