Lyca's Log ReportEdit

Trapped on the Leviathan named Lyca, (a living biomechanoid ship) several prisoners have been living in cells for 1 to fifty years, waiting for a chance to escape. Now they've found they have to work together in order to survive much less escape. However they are slowly having to come to terms with over looking their bigotry, hate and egos in order to succeed.

Peacekeeper Officers

Commander Tauvocrais T'jewl

Captain Lin T'jewl

Ens. Lowan Arcid

Navigation and Pilots

Pilot - Prisoner

Security Dept & Ship Defence

Zoresh K'row - Prisoner

Engineering & Repair Crew

Nob- Prisoner



Medical Department

Ly' Gon- Prisoner

Civillians & Other

Mo'Na- Prisoner

Tosh Pqa - Prisoner

Prison BreakEdit


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