Name: Fastwingz

Allegiance: Autobot

Function: Aerial Reconnaissance

Alt. Mode: iPod / Eagle (note: Fastwingz does not have a robot mode, like Laserbeak)

Weapon: Point Lasers (no ammunition as it re-charges out of his own energy)

Motto: “I fly high, I see far”

Profile: Fastwingz once used to be very intelligent and quite thoughtful, unfortunately all that was put pay to when he got shot in the head. Somehow he survived and thanks to good medical treatment made a full physical recovery. However the shot to the head changed his personality. He became erratic and forgetful, often forgetting the sentence he was in the middle of. His memory has been improving over time but another side effect of being was that he has the personality of a hyper active child with a small attention span, on a sugar rush. Fastwingz is also inexplicably drawn to shiny objects and he often stares endlessly at the well polished armour of other Autobots. For all this though he is still a valuable asset to the Autobots being able to spot Decepticons and give ample time for Autobots to react. Flying over a battlefield Fastwingz is able to report back and record positions of Decepticon forces. Very little escapes his notice, especially shiny objects. Used to be known as Fastwing but added the Z to his name because he thought it looked cool. Small but very friendly, Fastwingz is a sociable creature.

Abilities: In his iPod mode he can download all that he has seen and heard into a computer as well as rip things from the computer databases. In bird mode he can fold his wings back and fly at Mach 1.5. While not physically strong Fastwingz has a fantastic grip with his talons and has been know not to let go of something even while knocked unconscious. His beak can cut through most metals. Can see a Decepticon up to 50kms away. Uses small lasers in his eyes to help target things for bigger Autobots but also as a self-defence system.

Weaknesses: While his memory has improved, Fastwingz is still a feather brain and usually needs someone along with him or at least in contact with him just in case he spots a shiny coin and gets utterly distracted. His inane chatter can be annoying often not stopping until shouted at. Fastwingz is also very excitable and can be hard to calm down.[/quote]

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