The Federation Sim Group (also known as Federation Simming Group, abbreviated FSG) was a simming club. It was formed in 1994 by AdmGMad, and went defunct sometime during 2011.


After being created in 1994, FSG's founder resigned a few weeks later. The circumstances of FSG's launch remain unclear. FSG holds a history scared by untimely resignations, division, and internal disarray. However, the group had a long and dynamic history, eventually giving rise to a democratic model.

In 1996, FSG suffered a catastrophic split that resulted in the creation of Warpspeed Sim Group (WSG). WSG, however, would then be absorbed back into FSG in 1997. Not all would be resolved easily though.

Disaster again visited FSG after two of its top officers retired in August 1997. In the chaos that followed, the FSG Email Division, reeling under the loss of its listservers and a seemingly non-committal attitude by the interim leadership toward the listservers restoration, decided to leave the group on August 20, 1997, forming Allied Electronic Sims (AES). FSG struggled in the wake of that loss.

In 2000, approximately six sims leave to form Fantasy Sim Group. The naming of the group is an attempt to maintain the FSG designation. The reason for this split remains an issue of debate, although it has been speculated by some that the internal drama was fueled by those who had more interest in how the group operated rather than enjoying the sim games, which was the sole purpose of the group's existence.

On November 15, 2002, FSG adopted a new charter that replaced its founding constitution. This new document provided updates and minor changes to the operation of the club. The group now held games in IRC and e-mail formats.

FSG's website went offline and the club went defunt sometime during 2011.

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