Fernandos was a planet operated by the Jupiter Mining Corporation.

Nicknamed "Planet Fernandos" by some members of the crew. The technical name is Polaris IV.


Fernandos is a planet similar to Earth with a few differences.  Fernandos has plush vegetation and a variety of animals not found on earth.  During it's early developing stages, Fernandos was used to create top secret life forms by the JMC.  However like all things the JMC created the base was eventually destroyed and the experiments escaped.


Fernandos is now home to many off world creatures such as the Haruk,Ssala, the last known Calamar, Dinosaurs, strange water life forms, odd looking fowls and odd rodents.  Like Earth Fernandos has a variety of plants, caves, lakes, oceans, mountains and beaches.


During it's early developing stages, Polaris IV was used to create top secret life forms by the JMC.  However like all things the JMC created the base was eventually destroyed and the experiments escaped. After the JMC failure all known data about this planet was lost.  According to the new data found by the crew of the Blue Dwarf, Fernandos has had an increase in various life forms not indiginous to the planet.  While expolring the crew found a device that creates an EM field around the planet. "The device has been identified as a Kinemassic Generator. The secondary gravitational field or "kinemassic" field as termed, has the ability to alter gravitational interaction. When the spin polarized material is placed in gyroscopic set of gimbals and is undulated, a secondary gravitational wave is generated that is not shieldable by currently available materials. These waves that were produced by such action and were detected by a gallium arsenide detector that was placed inside a Faraday Cage. Such a screening device would shield conventional electromagnetic forces if they were of local origin."

It is unknown why the device is on the planet or who installed. it, but it can only be speculated that the Kinemassic Generator was put on the planet to keep something on the planet or serve as a trap for ships nearby. 

First appearance

"Planet Fernando’s" by some members of the crew is now the home of the following Ex Blue Dwarf Members.

Efof Yuwan'Kar- After visiting the planet "Fernandos", Efof met an alien Ssala called "Weebaradlibanongadingdong" and fell in love. When the crew returned to the Blue Dwarf he agreed to remain on the planet.


Garr Bedge - Left inactive on the bank of a lake by Frankie the Squid.


Davie Jones - Burried in sacred Ssala funeral grounds.


Second appearance

Plisken is kidnapped by several mercenaries from his past and the crew reluctantly sets out to rescue him. The trip takes them back to Fernandos were they are tested in many ways. Trust and friendships are tested the entire time as they must face mercenaries, jungle inhabitants and zombie-like mutants while trying to rescue Plisken and escape the heavily shielded planet. After a long and painful trek the crew manages to use a broken down Starbug to escape the planet however they end up having to get rescued by Bruno Downing who is being forced to transport nutrigran bars from one side of the planet to the other. After some convincing Bruno rescues them and takes them back to the Blue Dwarf only to find the Cyborgs have abandoned the ship and stole most of their food.