function: sniper / demolitions

(from the datatracks of brainstorm "autobot biomechanical engineer")

when i first checked the work done by the maximals on pinpointer to save him i was astonished, even when maximals are known mostly for a process that increases the fuel efficiency by decreasing size & mass (and other new processes that brought them closer to organic lifeforms), they turned this former nebulan into something even more mechanic than it was before, i guess they thought that the organic part of the targetmaster was too damaged in that incident on the ship.

his memory remains the same, but the personality of this subject has changed, there are only very few traces of the old pinpointer in firesource, now he can i say this...a .hothead, sometimes very childish, i suppose this new personality fits well his new body and name:


firesource has an impressive tolerance to heat, he also has the ability of shooting highly explosive overheated bullets. the problem is that these are created with fused/melted little portions of his own metallic body, so using them gives him very low chances of staying in battle without constant repairs.

he's not rocket-propelled anymore, but instead of that, he now can shift shooting mode between a regular laser beam and his old neutro-grenades, all of this options gives him a big potential for destruction when facing an enemy (specially from medium/far range) it's very dificult to detect his presence around, (if he isn't overheated of course, otherwise he's just a big spot on the enemy radars) that gives him tactical advantage when waiting for a foe, he'll finish any enemy quickly & silently if given a chance.

he can acoplate on betetta's roof just as he used to do with his old partner crosshairs, recently he started giving signs of improvement on his mind process, thinking about his actions a bit more before doing them, that could be very useful to help betetta while he recovers entirely from the effects of the explosion and the metamorphosis process he went through.

LOG UPDATE: (after the "endgame" incident)

the battle was hard, firesource's outer shell suffered severe damage and most of it had to be replaced by a biological nebulan component that now regulates most of his life functions, the ability of tolerating heat remains, but now without the chance of becoming a bomb or shooting little ones, now he only functions with a reduced version of his laser mode via MCB (molecular channeling of bioenergy) technology based on the powermaster process, so now his ammo is practically infinite (only limited by food ingestion, but that has been optimized to the point of only needing to feed once every 5 earth days), but since if he runs out of ammo would mean that he's out of energy, that would mean also his death. (note: the amount of energy drain when overheated on battle situations wasn't tested, there are no records on how fast the energy reserves will deplete in overheat mode.)

his appearance has been modified too, he looks pretty much like a regular human in a hi-tech worksuit, and that helps a lot for blending in with other humans, his alt mode is a bit funny-looking (it looks like betetta is trying to squeeze an already squeezed fleshling everytime he wants to attack) but i think that's a low price to pay for such improvements.

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