Firestorm Robot mode:

Modified SR-71 Blackbird recon plane alt mode:

Allegiance: Decepticon

Function: Living weapon

Weapons: Inferno cannons, Flaming blade

Bio: Killed once by Vulcan for his smart mouthing comments Firestorm has been given a new lease and mind on life. Becuase of his unique living flame

condition he is an expert weilder and repairer of armour. The living flame feeds both of his weaponry systems. Firestorns personality is plit one half f him

being that of stascream and the other being that which Lod Vulcan created. Firestorm loves to swim and bathe in lava commonly using it to mask his own heat

signature so he can strike when the enemy is at there weakest. Because he shares most of the skills of his Second mind firestorm is an excelletn aerial



Inferno cannons. To replace the flamethrower that was damaged in a skirmish vulcan used the internal components of the dmaged weapon to creat a new ranged weapon for

Firestorm. This matched pair of dual barreled weapons fire balls of molten magma up to about medium range. Using this weapon is very draining on Firestorms

heat reserves and so he can only safely fire them five times in sucession before there safety mechanisms kick into action. If he rebuild his heat reserves

then the safety will shut off alllowing the weapons use once more.

Flaming blade: A sword that can flow and reform at will. This blade does not draw heat reserves like the inferno cannons do it simply matches whatever temperature Firestorm

is currently at. Due to its molten nature Firestorm can reform the blade into almost any type of close combat weapon (of a similar volume to the blade). it

is even possible for him to split the weapon into two separate close combat weapons. {thus halving the volume of material per weapon}

Incendary bombs: Firestorm carries six of these nasty little surpises which can only be used in his alt mode. Dropping a solid lump of magma which spreads itself over an area

of thirty meters upon impacy. This weapon is notoriously innaccurate and Firestorm has to take a lava bath to replenish his supply.

Living flame: Ties directly to Firestorms spark he appears to be eternally ablaze. This is deceptive as Firestorm feels no pain from his condition. He has the ability tp

vary how much heat is distributed throughout his body and how much he projects into the immediate area. Hence he can weld or repair almost any metal

sometimes even making it stronger as a result. Using his ranged weapons draws the heat out of his living flame (basically his energy level is proportional to

his temperature) but remaining near a heat source or taking a lava bath restores the heat to the flame.

Zero energy signature Firestorm does not emit any form of energy transmission besides the heat he emits {which can be as high as 4000 degrees}

Weaknesses: Water, Flame retardant foam.

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