Name: Fiery Angel

Primary function:

Nurse / Medic

Alt Mode:

"superbike"-type racing motorcycle

Weapons: 1 x Unbreakable sword 1 x Laser gun that doubles as a medic working acessory


Recently to come online is FieryAngel, she has training in medic and telepathic abilities . She has come to know Onslaught since her arrival as online however she doesnt know or understand much about the history past or future as it was left out of her programming .

Abilities: A medic well trained in healing can help herself with repairs in or out of combat.

Special Ability: Telepathic

Weaknesses:Very young inexperienced to the whole war and the reasons for it . (ooc please take this out but she doesnt know the tf or its continuity very green but she is a great r/per)


Strength ----------6
Intelligence----- -7
Speed -------------10
Agility: ----------6
Courage -----------7
Firepower ---------6
Accuracy ----------7
Hand to hand skill-7
Technical Skill ---7

total 70

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