Name: Flashdance.

Primary Function: Team Roughnecks Member; Scientist, Inventor, and Engineer.

Gender: Female.

Alt mode 1: Red Porsche Boxster sports car.

Alt mode 2: None.

Alignment: Choatic Good.

Weapons/Accessories: She does not like to carry weapons per se, but rather devices. These devices can vary at times. Her main weapon is however dual laser blasters, it can fire about 50 concussive rounds and has a rechargeable clip. This clip takes an hour to charge itself. These are part of her robot and vehicle form and can be adjusted to use as a metal cutter and arc wielder also.

Profile: She is a rather chatty individual, often very absent minded and loves listening to Earth music of all types. She loves to have constant noise and bustle around her. Even though she is very friendly and outgoing, she does not have as much natural charisma and likeability as her twin sister and it quite often gets them at odds in arguments.

History: Along with her sister, she was also once a Decepticon, and a scientist. She was captured and institutionalised by the Autobots due to her dangerous mental state. She switched sides and helped out the Autobot side with many great engineering projects and various inventions, having recently rejoined her sister as a member of the Roughnecks, as the Head Scientist of the team.

Abilities: She is able to create and manipulate light. To an extent she is able to generate holographic images for up to an hour at a time, however the more complex and detailed they are and the longer she has to keep them up, taxes her energon supply. She has a photographic memory despite her often absent minded nature, and has a large cerebral storage capacity for storing data, she just has trouble retreiving at times. On an intellectual level, she possesses the ability to virtually make anything, make any kind of gadget or device to be made use of by others.

Special Abilities: Even though she never participated in the Deltronian Military’s Psionics program, the link to her sister allowed some abilities to develop within her. She is able enter others minds to a certain degree and project false images, this being an ability she dislikes using. She is also able, though it is not under her control, to have clairvoyant episodes, where she is able top make predictions.

Weaknesses: She has a constant need to get recognition for her experiments and projects and can get emotional, whereas her twin is quiet and cool, she is chatty and very emotional. Her ability to predict events is not under her control, and while she is in her trance she is left vulnerable, a reason why she is reluctant to join in any battles. Being that she dislikes weapons and is also a very lousy shot and is also quite clumsy and not very brave.

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