Name: Forsaken

Function: Seed of Chaos/Slave to the Possessor of the Matrix Shard

Alt-Mode 1: Futuristic Jet with Alt-Mode 2 features showing.

Alt-Mode 2: Fully Robotic Hydra

Weapons: Plasma Breath in Hydra mode, Plasma Energy Bursts from the palms of his hands ,Energon Blades attached to the top of his forearms that can shorten and elongate

Special Ability: Phase Shifting

Profile: From the cumulated sparks of the deceased Transformers left within the Matrix shard, Forsaken has been given life. His life is based solely on bringing chaos and upheaval in the balance of the universe. He is a slave to the one that possess the Shard but all at the same time he can’t be controlled completely. The reason that Forsaken is malevolent is because X has been in possession of the Shard for so long that it has become corrupted and a twisted. He was granted his freedom when Neo Ranger blasted MegatronX in the chest sector sending a large energon surge coursing into the Matrix shard and its new casing causing a flux in the energy frequencies opening a gateway into the world of the living. Since he isn’t completely alive he can heal his wounds very quickly just like Rampage in Beast Wars and he is arrogant because of that fact.

Abilities: Forsaken has the ability to fire plasma bursts from the palms of his hands but they are only affective at close range. His energon blades that are attached to the tops of his forearms can shorten and elongate with a mental command giving him an edge in hand to hand combat especially in tight quarters. His laser optics come in handy also when he is having to fight hand to hand because he can give them a quick blast to the face to blind them temporarily or in the hands causing them to drop their weapons. His phase shifting is much like ghosting but when he uses this ability he can also teleport.

Weaknesses: He is weak against the possessor of the Matrix shard and can be tortured with it with if the possessor uses alternating polarities against the shard. His arrogance is also a weakness of his because he believes that he can’t be killed due to the fact that he heals rapidly. His healing ability can he halted with accelerated particle beams also if focused in tight beams.

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