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Okay guys...this the first wiki i activly feel i have to step up to edit a little...

I am(was/will be) an active roleplayer(i prefer this term thank you...) and this i s the wiki i was dieing to lok for..

i love it !!

but then...

you have only touched the surface of roleplaying.../

for i come from the land of G+ a place where there are Rp'rs everywhere...

honestly though there i don't see these ways..

there i see people expresing thier charecter and having fun...

But _my point here_ most of them don't know a place like another world etc etc exist..

i.e roleplaying is not contained there...

i feel there should be a page for roleplays in social media sites like G+

i feel like we have to braden up a little..

thank you 

  • dissappears in a swiring mist of candies*

P.S i don't think anyone would reply though ...this is the first wiki i am participating.

Not sure how often this is checked now if anyone even checks it anymore. --Jhina5422 (talk) 05:27, June 11, 2016 (UTC)

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