Name: Freestyle.

Primary Function: Roughnecks Team Member; Courier and Infantry Fighter.

Gender: Female.

Alt mode 1: Light Orange McLaren Racecar.

Alt mode 2: Light Orange Space Jet.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

Weapons/Accessories: She carries two pulse rifles, each can be used with one hand. Each weapon is modified and has inbuilt targeting systems. These systems are linked to a retractable visor on her head casing. Each weapon can fire a round of 10 shots per second up to a maximum of 25 shots before needing a reload.

Profile: Freestyle is not terribly interested in any wars but she can fight when she needs to. She is more focused on experiencing the most dangerous thrills, a reason she was recruited for the Roughnecks straight out of the Academy. She is very full on in her temperament but also laid back and self confidant.

History: She is the cousin of other team member Sunstar, being the daughter mech of Sound Track, Joyride and Flashdance’s older brother. Having been in and out of various training academy’s most of her young life, for breaking rules and insubordination, she finally stayed long enough at a particular academy long enough to graduate and was picked up for membership as a new member of the Roughnecks.

Abilities: She is a triple changer and has slightly heightened normal functions that other transformers. She also possesses sophisticated radar equipment that allows her to know what’s in her environment directly around her. Even though her armour is light and durable it is composed of materials that make her movement easy and the frictionless materials cut down on drag while in motion. Being that her armour is built of special compounds for high speed, it does not heat up very quickly and allows her endurance levels to be higher to cope as a result.

Special Abilities: Other than her normal triple changer physical levels, she has the ability to move, think and act at super speeds. Her top speed in any form has not yet been tested/recorded, she reputedly has the ability to move/travel at faster than light speed.

Weaknesses: She has a problem dealing with failure, preferring everything to succeed at first try. Her temperament can become irritable, paranoid and impatient if forced to operate at normal speed levels, she needs to be kept busy/moving to keep her mind on the level. She also has a lack of strong armour due to her body being built for extreme speed. Her ability to travel at high speed can affect her energon levels if she operates at a high level of speed for too long. And on occaision, if she is not watchign what she's doing, she can crash headlond into something.

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