How to Get StartedEdit

 Kudos go to Victor who wrote this and much of everything else for us. Big Thankyou from everyone!

Welcome to the Freeworlds RPG! We're glad you're here, and hope this thread can be a bit of a help to getting you started.

First thing you'll want to do is make a forum account. Simple enough, right? A forum account, a keyboard, and a good attitude are the main tools you'll be using here on FWRPG, so as long as you've got yourself a trusty keyboard and have fine-tuned your attitude to maximum-friendliness, you're ready to join the game.

But I'm sure you have a lot of questions. That's good, 'cause we've got a lot of answers. Read on:

How do you play?Edit

Simple and easy. Create a character, and join the forum-based roleplay. More on this in the next few questions.

How do I create a character?

It's pretty straightforward. This involves a bit of decision-making, but you can create as many characters as you want (within reason) and within any faction you want, so don't stress too much over making your first one just to your liking.

First thing here is to pick a faction. Let's say I want to make a Corellian named "Jack Smith". What I should probably do is check out the category on the forums entitled "Corellian." Then, I should probably browse around and look for some important threads which will help me create a good character for the Corellian faction. There is probably a thread somewhere about this, which will give me an idea about the careers, positions, rank advancement possibilities, and organizations that are available to me as a Corellian. Once I've got the information on the specifics for Corellian character creation, I should probably post in the forum under the Corellian category entitled "Members / Bios".

Voila, my character is created.

Each faction is run in a different way and by a different individual, so it's important to check out the info on the one you want to join. Assumptions can hurt, but keep in mind that we're quite nice people here, and mistakes are easily fixed. Don't hesitate to PM an admin or moderator for help.

So I've got my character, now what?Edit

The core of FWRPG is the simulations (abbreviated, "sims"). That's basically a fancy term for "moderated role-play thread". Simulations may be found in faction sub-forums, and sims pertaining to several factions may be found in the forums under the simulations category.

Each Simulation is run by an individual, given the title "Sim Leader". This guy is to make sure that we stay within reason in our sims (no, there will be no fleet of fifty Death Stars), don't metagame (more on this later), and all-in-all just have a good time. Write away, and if you still don't quite get it, read some existing sims and see if you can catch on. Don't stress, again, mistakes are easily fixed.

Make sure to follow specific rules set forth by the sim creator. All these have been approved by the moderation, so keep them in mind as you write in a sim thread.

More in sims and how to start them here:

What are the basic rules?Edit

We try to keep everything as loose as possible, but a few things need to be set down.

Here are the main rules you need to follow:

Another thing is metagaming. Since we're letting anyone join any faction and making all faction forums public, this has the potential to become an issue, but we're hoping the community has the maturity to respect our metagaming policy, which is in the rule thread above.

Metagaming; a definition and the policy:

What can I do to RP well?Edit

There are countless ways to do this, and most will be picked up by reading and writing RPs and outside novels, Star Wars or no. The formula remains the same in any role play. Here's a few tips:

-Don't be selfish. Remember that everyone is RP-ing, and we're here for fun and to bask in the Star Wars universe, not to "win" anything.

-Pay attention to detail. Adding in little details and actions can make all the difference and bring an RP to life. For instance, instead of saying "He walked outside and looked at the stars," you could say, "He sauntered outside, hot glass of Rylothian cider in hand, and gazed at the vibrant starlight of the ship-lined Corellian horizon."

-Be realistic. Creativity is great, but it is important not to go overboard. I don't care who your character is, he is not a walking god. He has a personality, weaknesses, and he can't destroy a battlefleet while piloting an escape pod with his toes blindfolded in the company of a pair of half-naked Twi'leks.

For some more RP tips, check out this thread:

Who runs the factions?Edit

That depends on how you're asking. Factions have an in-character (IC) leader and an out of character (OOC) moderator.

The faction moderator (this is the OOC position) is in charge of administrating the faction from an OOC standpoint. Their job is to make sure the faction is kept fun for everyone, and they are responsible for determining structure, basic RP that should be followed, and how the IC leadership will work. They're chosen by the admins, so they are trusted to make responsible decisions.

IC faction leaders go by various titles (President for the New Republic, etc). They do what a leader in-character would do: set foreign policy, make catchy speeches, spur public opinion... imagine anything the leader of a country would do, and that's the IC faction leaders' job.

These guys have power in RP, that does not extend to OOC matters. In the end, the faction moderator has the final say on anything (for instance, the imperial faction moderator may deem it bad RP for the Imperial IC leader of the time to order all Imperial bases to be destroyed and all ships of the Imperial fleet to self-destruct. Not gonna happen, and the faction moderator is there to make sure things stay within reason). As a rule, though the faction moderator won't intervene in the natural flow of RP.

Faction moderators determine how the IC faction leader is "elected" based on the faction's RP. For instance, the New Republic faction moderator may decide that the New Republic will have elections every 3 OOC months for a new President. An Imperial moderator may decide that the current Imperial warlord has been around too long, and start the RP for a coup of some sort. In both cases, faction IC leadership will be circulated. The faction moderators will make sure it happens and happens smoothly.


Simulations are the core of FWRPG. They are, in effect, the game. Basically they are forum-based role-play stories that follow a certain set of events or take place in a certain Star Wars locale, and are led by someone who makes sure the sim stays on track.

These Simulation leaders are the creators/operators of the overall plot within the simulation. Simulation leaders start and guide stories within the simulation. The Sim leader has the responsibility of keeping his simulation active by posting new stories, getting new characters involved, and guiding the plot to involve everyone.

There are two types of simulations:

Faction SimulationsEdit

These sims take place in within each faction's category. They are designed for the participation of the characters of that specific faction, and can detail anything from life at the base, a day on the job, a patrol, the arrest of a wanted criminal, a council meeting, etc. The sim leader MAY allow certain factions to post here, but as a rule these are faction-specific. Each simulation belongs to a certain faction and generally only characters belonging to that simulation may post there.

Faction simulations will always have a list of it’s members, a description and any other important information listed within it’s forums or the faction’s “Simulations” list forums.

General SimulationsEdit

These are much larger sims that involve members of several factions. It may be stated what factions are allowed to participate in this sim (which is why it is always good to have a character or two in every faction so you can always participate), but the common thread between these sims is that they are inter-faction events. They can be battles, meetings, negotiations, or just general interaction. These General simulations still run as Faction Simulations do, but they involve more than just one faction’s characters.

All general simulations will contain a description, background, and any other important information in its respective forum.

New SimulationsEdit

New simulation requests must be posted in the simulations forum in the faction sub sections for approval by that faction's moderator. General Simulations that involve more than one faction must have the approval of both involved “Faction Moderators” and who is going to be the Simulation Leader.

Please include the following information in your simulation request post:

-Sim Name


-Sim Leader

-Description -Memberlist/Who can Post. -Graphic (be it logo/banner/flag/something)

The simulation forum will be run by the sim leader, they have complete authority over the forum, if they do not like where the sim is going they can change posts/kick anyone out. Sim Leaders MUST post why they kicked someone out for admin review. Sim Leaders MUST also when deleting a post must edit the text and post a reason as to why the text within the post was deleted (also for admin review).

Inactive simulations (1 month) will be deleted; the stories will be entered in an archive to be created at a later date.