Name: Freeze

Primary function: Warrior

Alt mode: B-2 Stealth Bomber

Alt mode 2: F-22 Raptor

Weapons: Has control over and ability to create ice, Battle Axe.

Profile: Freeze comes from a testing facility of ice and snow, where his spark was infused with self-generating permafrost that allows him to create endless amounts of ice. Freeze can use this ice in anyway he sees fit, whether they be daggers, or spears. Freeze was modified from his cybertronian tetragram jet into a triple-changer with two earth jet modes. In his jet alternate forms, Freeze appears as an F-22 Raptor and B-2 Stealth Bomber. In his jet modes, Freeze still retains his abilities to generate ice, allowing it to in case him and asct as a thick, regenerating shield. Freeze also carries a large Battle Axe.

Abilities: Freeze can create, and keep regenerating, ice weapons, armor, and shields despite whatever the temperature may be. He also shows proficiency with his Battle Axe, and hand to hand fighting. Weakness: Freeze has practically no Technical abilities as he is usually able to use his ice to protect himself. Freeze can shrug off most attacks, including gunshots, however, if he is severely injured he will be unable to repair himself and will most likely require help.

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