Name: Frostbite

Alt mode: small jet

Bio: A decepticon with a frozen spark. Frostbite uses ice as a weapon in combat. icicles hang from his robot and jet modes even at his full speed. Being created by lord Vulcan gave him a mind capable of using his gifts to the full. He thinks cold thoughts and does cold things. His fellow decepticons have often found there feet/mouths frozen solid after making smart remarks about Frostbite. He is also a practical joker and can be quite annoying at times. He always seems to find a borderline offensive nickname for every mech he meets. To recharge Frostbite must use special energon that won't freeze when he touches it.

Weapons/abilites: Ice spreader missiles: Frostbite is a small decepticon [25 feet tall] but mock him at you peril or you will face his ice spreader missiles. these warheads detonate and throw a freezing chemical onto whatever they touch, freezing it solid for four earth hours or until the counter chemical is applied.

Living icecon: Frostbite has a coating of ice over his armour at all times making him harder to harm than his size might suggest. heat based attacks can open a window of opportunity for attacking his body. [about two nano clicks until his ice armour reasserts itself.]

Iceblade: Frostbite can create a sword composed of ice [more like a dagger for other decepticons.]. If he breeches armour with it he can channel his power through the blade and freeze his target.

Weaknesses: Physically weak. Heat based weapons.

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