Name: Gateway.

Primary function: Roughnecks Team member; Navigator and Pilot.

Gender: Male.

Alt mode 1: Silver 1970s model Chevrolet Corvette.

Alt mode 2: Is able to Power link with twin, they both become a new individual and personality named Tempest. This can only be achieved when their power levels are both above 50%.

Alignment: Lawful Good.

Weapons: Carries dual plasma pistols, capable of stunning the enemy to variable degrees and amounts of time.

Profile: Of the two brothers he is the quieter one who quite often gets bullied into doing dangerous things by his twin brother. He is the meek, quiet one but still just as intelligent.

History: Like his twin he also excelled at Quantum Physics at the academy they attended, and were both recommended for the team upon graduation.

Abilities: Has average physical prowess for a mechanoid, however his armour has heightened tolerance due to his special abilities.

Special Abilities: He has the ability to be able to create temporal rifts that allow him to teleport from space to space. This ability is dependant on his energon levels and also his speed in vehicle mode, of which his ability is activated when he hits 50 mph. Has the special ability to be able to power link with his twin brother, but only when each has a 50% or higher energon capacity.

Weaknesses: The accuracy of his ability to utilise his power lessens the longer the distance he has to travel. His powers are also a huge drain on his energon reserves.

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