Goku Mantel (a fictional character played by Chris) served on the Starbase Everest and USS Eclipse sims in the United Space Federation sim group. This character is currently innactive/retired.

Note: Chris also plays Jack Tylor on the USS Roddenberry sim.

Character Information Edit

Basic Information Edit

Name: Goku Christopher Mantel
Species: Human
Age: 30
Sex: Male
Height: 5'9"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Marital Status: Single
Mental Status: Stable
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Title: Doctor
Station: Starbase Everest
Last Position: Chief Medical Officer

Starfleet Record Edit

Goku Christopher Mantel entered Starfleet Academy shortly the completion of his final term of higher-level schooling. His career as a Cadet was not exceptional, he performed adequately academically and physically, however it should be noted that his scores were not as high as would be expected given his transcript from high school and below. Mantel pursued the medical tract as soon as he was able and once his medical studies began his grades subsequently improved. The emphasis of his studies were on obtaining a general MD degree and it is believed that he intends to pursue a shipboard medical posting, with possible aspirations to Chief Medical Officer aboard an exploratory vessel.

Upon graduation he requested and received a posting aboard ship, specifically the USS Eclipse, a Sovereign class vessel under the command of Fleet Captain Eileen Shodan. He was designated as a Medical Assistant for the Eclipse and subsequently demonstrated great medical and command ability. He had achieved the rank of Lt. Commander aboard the Eclipse and had been designated as her Chief Medical Officer prior to the Gul Dakreth Incident. All hands were reported MIA (Missing In Action) prior to the retrieval of the Eclipse crew, however when confirmation had been received of the destruction of the vessel all hands were reclassified as MIA Presumed KIA (Killed In Action). Later information revealed that their true status was POW (Prisoner Of War). No Further Details are Available in this File. For further information please consult Starfleet Records file Eclipse: 281-1930.1B and reference Crew Status.

Personality Edit

Mantel is considered an easy person to work with but difficult to get to know by his colleagues. He tends to keep to himself and has had only one serious relationship since his entrance into the service of Starfleet, he was romantically involved with Lyra Rose, former Commanding Officer and Captain of the Starbase Everest. At one point, Rose was pregnant with his child, but miscarried a few weeks into the pregnancy.

Addendum Edit

Doctor Mantel was recovered along with approximately one tenth the original crew of the USS Eclipse by the operation conducted by the USS Headington. He is currently aboard Starbase Everest but preliminary reports received from examinations conducted both on the Headington and Everest support that Mantel and the rest of the Eclipse crew underwent severe psychological trauma as a result of their internment. Further examinations have been recommended however initial reports show that, at least in the case of Dr. Mantel, his experiences in the internment camp have radically altered his personality in the short term. It is unverifiable whether he will make a full recovery and his duty status has been temporarily suspended. Altered personality traits include an increase in aggressive behavior (very odd considering his past personality traits), increased cynicism, and a rejection of relationships of any kind though findings and observations have suggested that there is hope for improvement in the final area.

Upon further examinations Doctor Mantel has been cleared fit for duty and has received a clean bill of health from Starfleet Medical and Psychology.

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