Goran'Agar (also Hans Müller and Mike Hunter) is a former Star Trek simmer who was active in the early and mid 2000s, serving as the leader of the Galactic Space Forces (GSF) sim club, and as President of the Simming League. He later served in the Federation Sim Fleet.

Simming LeagueEdit

Goran represented his club, the Galactic Space Forces in the Simming League and served as the President of the League from February to September 2004. Goran's time in office came during a painful stretch as the League - having moved off of America Online - struggled to establish its footing on the internet. Despite this, Goran kept the League's internet message boards active and focused on promoting discussions; not politics or regulations. His style as community cheerleader would be emulated by subsequent League presidents. In recognition of his service to the League, he was awarded the Simming League Distinguished Service Medal.

Major PositionsEdit

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