Between 2003 and 2005, conflict - known a the Great Charmed War - broke out among online role-playing groups based around the American television series Charmed.

Fighting began in December 2003, when many of the smaller communities began to bicker and argue with each other. The larger and more established groups tried to steer their communities away from the ensuing chaos, but ultimately to no avail. By February 2004, many of the smaller and less active communities had been completely destroyed by the war that was sweeping through the communities.

One of the leading clubs, Charmed Ones Online tried to reason with some of the other community leaders with no success as the random acts of virtual violence continued and attempts at cessation of hostilities only seemed to escalate matters even further.

By April 2004, the population of the active charmed communities was cut in half, it seemed the war and fighting would continue until there was only one community was left standing. So many individuals we're dreading being part of any community and even the communities left standing were losing members because of all the fighting and community violence.

In August 2004, with the war continuing to wreak havoc with the existing communities, many feared the war would continue until every community was in utter-ruin. In a desire for peace, a new division in Charmed Ones Online was spearheaded by Administrator; Leo Wyatt. This new division called for a Leadership Summit where all known community leaders were invited to discuss the problems at hand and (if possible) negotiate a settlement to end the destructive conflict.

By December 2004, only 5 communities remained intact and continued to function. Those leaders attended the leadership summit that was hosted by Charmed Ones Online. In addition to those leaders, 15-20 leaders and staff of communities that had been already destroyed also attended. None of the leaders felt that this "Summit" would do any good, and some even felt that it was Charmed Ones Online's way of lulling the others into a false sense of security while they had a chance to plan their next attack on them, which was not the case.

In March 2005, after months of arguing, negotiating, accusing, and threatening, a compromise was finally reached. While at the Summit, the great Non-Aggression and Peace Pact was "virtually" signed by all parties, indicating a formal cessation of hostilities; the war was finally over. Three days later, four of the five surviving groups voted to merge into Charmed Ones Online, forming the Charmed Forever Forums. This event became known as the Great Charmed Merge, and the Treaty became known as the 2005 Vanquish Accords.

The cause of the conflict is unknown, and how and why it spread so rapidly is unknown. Leo Wyatt, leader of Charmed Ones Online had previously been convicted of Crimes Against Simming for fighting and disruption in the Star Trek simming community. While Leo publicly made piece overtures, originally it was assumed that he instigated the conflict, and was possibly behind the fighting. In the Star Trek community, it is believed Logan manufactured several clubs and had them fight. It was unknown how many of the clubs involved in the Great Charmed War were really fake entities created by Logan. However, this turned out to be a false assumption.