Name: Grinder

Function: Medic

Alt mode: Russian TOS-1- Buratino

Grinder Bodyshot

A medic with hundreds of missiles on his arms? Yeah, that's safe

Weapons: Missile launcher on his alt mode back can launch a wall of missiles with unbelievable destructive power. The time taken to reload one rack is the same time it takes to fire another rack, allowing a continuous stream of missiles to be fired at a target. 3 rows with 8 missiles and 1 top row with 6 missiles, allowing two racks to be fired at once while the third is reloading. If fully loaded, can fire all 30 Russian Thermobaric (FOAB) missiles at once for extreme destructive force that only the most powerful of force fields can withstand.

The missiles themselves can be dumb-fired, laser pointing, heat seeking or programmed by coordinates and can contain a number of payloads, from normal explosives, cluster missiles, high yield incendiary that can burn away most armour, biological (harmful to both Transformers and organic life) and shockwave missiles that create powerful shockwaves in the air and ground following the explosive detonation, grounding light aircraft and knocking mechs off their feet. He also carries a limited supply of Thermobaric missiles, but due to their extreme destructive nature, these are not used often. He has thousands upon thousands of missiles stored in subspace, effectively making him a one-man demolition crew.

His missile launcher splits to form his arms, meaning he can keep up the continuous wall of missiles in robot mode if he keeps switching arms. Each missile has an operational range of 300 miles.

Carries a smaller pistol for close fighting when the missile barrage is not an option. Carries a full med kit in subspace.

Profile: Created as one of the Quintesson leader's elite guards, Grinder originally transformed into an Eagle and was the medic of the group. Following the plotting of the rebellion, Grinder found he loved it so much, he developed the habit of continually plotting the downfall of whoever was in charge at the time. He would never carry through with it, though it did provide him with endless entertainment. His role as a medic often saw him in the front lines, where his dedication to his duties outshone the fact he didn't usually shoot in combat.

Grinder formed a strong friendship with a bioengineer known as Trackload. They often spent hours talking about medical advances, with Trackload dreaming of having his name in history. Unfortunately, many of his plans were too radical, even for Grinder.

Grinder took part in underground gladiator contest, in an attempt to increase his fighting skills. Though he did improve enough to defend himself against weaker opponents, he lacked the skill to combat the higher trained mechs. Pounder discovered what was happening and suggested Grinder seek training from Stunshock, to which Griner replied that he did not want to raise the issue of his ineffectiveness on the battlefield.

When the Praxia disaster happened, Grinder was at a medical conference. As such, he was among those drafted in for emergency relief efforts. What he saw haunted his Spark to this day. Hundreds of Transformers were fleeing the city as their bodies literraly dissolved around them. Despite his efforts, Grinder was unable to help anyone, as the cause of the rapid liquidation of their bodies could not be determined. It was decided the city had to be cleansed before the disease spread to the rest of the planet and incindeary bombs were dropped. The screams of the dieing stayed with Grinder for many years afterwards.

Grinder was killed in 2004 on a mission to retrieve the Decepticon matrix. He stated he had a bad feeling about the temple shortly before the Guardian Lizard was activated.

He was eventually ressurected thanks to Stunshock and Foresaken's efforts. Born into a protoform, he took on an alt mode with alot more firepower, making up for his lack of skill. He figured who needs to be a crack shot when you can just cover the area in missile fire, and quickly realised that he enjoyed having such heavy artillary. He quickly reaffirmed his loyalty to Stunshock, glad to be alive once more, and he became the senior (and only) medic at the Fortress until the arrival of Slowbrowse.

Tos 5

Grinder has kept out of most of the fighting since his return, preferring a more medical orientated capacity on the battlefield. He has clashed a few times with Lightning Storm as to the best course of action for a patient. And now he has lost his passion for plotting a mech's downfall, preffering to confront them instead, he has made this aminosity well known.

He has made 2 noticable efforts on the battlefield. The first was assisting Pounder, Warhawk and Blazecleaver in retrieving information from the Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado. The only resistance they met was the human military, and such, easy to defeat. It was during this assault the mental link between The Executioners was first revealed. At a critical point in the conflict, Grinder suddenly doubled over in pain, leaving Blazecleaver to defend a damaged Warhawk from the humans for a brief time. It was later discovered this was in response to an electrical shock Pounder received inside the complex. Wanting to leave the humans a message, Grinder stayed behind while the others left in their shuttle. The medic fired some [[1]] at the nearby city of Colorado Springs, vapourising it and all inhabitants.

His second contribution was during an Autobot Assault on the Fortress. He used his incindeary missiles to melt the snow from an avalanche that had entombed several Decepticons. He later used his 'airburst' missiles in an attempt to down Sky Lynx, revealling Warhawk as a traitor as the missiles were shot down. Grinder later confronted Warhawk, and was surprised when the turncoat leapt at him. Panicing, Grinder launched a missile at point blank range, damaging Warhawk and blasting Grinder through some rocks, sending himself into Stasis Lock.

When the Armours split from the Decepticon forces, Grinder followed the others to the Decepticon Moon Base, where he continued his work as a medic.

Abilities: Can fly in robot mode.

Weakness: Can be scared easily by introducing any mystical elements. If this proves too much, he will freeze in terror or start blasting wildly. The smoke trail left from multiple missile launches can blind allies who are standing too close.

Special Ability: The Executioners used a neural interface to control their ship. A side effect of this and the resurrection has resulted in a psychic connection between the team members. They can share thoughts and imagery. But if one is taken by surprise, this pain can be unwillingly passed to the others, albeit temporarily.

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