Name: Hacks

Alt. Mode: 1993 Toyota Celica

Function: Computer Programmer

Allegiance: Autobot

Weapons: Hand Pistol, 8 rounds, 24 spares

Personality:Hacks is a computer genius. If he can't create a program, it can't be done. He spends most of his time in the elpis computer core, working on keeping everything going smoothly. In fact he's rather isolted from the crew because of it, some say he's closer to the computer then he is to anyone else.Honest to a fault, he will always speak his mind and tell people exactly what is on his mind. Unfortunatly he doesn't limit it to the positive, and frequently insults people with his forthright attitude. He means well, but some think his vocal processor isn't connected to his cpu

Abilities: A genius with computers, he speciales in reprogramming and system hacking

Weakness: He's no soldier. While if he has to he'll enter a battle, he'd much rather help by alligning the target system on autoguns WarMullet Svaaty is offline Add to WarMullet Svaaty's Reputation Report Post

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