Name: Halifax

Function: Mir’s lab assistant

AltMode: MQ-1 Predator

Profile Halifax is a non-combatant. He will not use weapons except to protect Mir or himself, in that order, and then only at the extreme threat. Halifax is the typical lab flunky; he’s in charge of the daily grunt work that a science lab requires. Halifax was assigned to Mir’s lab before the Autobot attack and has remained at her side ever since. His assignment started out (and continues to this day) as her “keeper”, to keep Mir focused on her duties. His task has led to interesting conversations between them regarding his proper place.

Hal helped build Ronin from Angelic Knight's katana.

Halifax uses his alt mode as a recon/observation mode to assist with collecting specimens. He does not have a wide range of flight. In alt mode he can carry up to two missiles. His alt mode’s propeller is his hand-to-hand combat weapon (think mini-Blackout).

Halifax is a genius with strategy games from various civilizations.

Halifax’s colors are cloudy gray and black.

MQ-1 Predator

General characteristics

• Length: 27 ft (8.22 m)

• Wingspan: 48.7 ft (14.8 m (dependent on block of aircraft))

• Height: 6.9 ft (2.1 m)

• Wing area: 123.3 sq ft[29] (11.5 m²)

• Empty weight: 1,130 lb (512 kg)

• Max takeoff weight: 2,250 lb (1,020 kg)

• Powerplant: 1× Rotax 912 or Rotax 914 Four-cylinder engine, 101 hp () Performance

• Maximum speed: 135 mph (120 knots)

• Cruise speed: 81-103 mph (70-90 knots)

• Stall speed: 62 mph (54 knots (dependent on weight of aircraft))

• Range: 400 nmi (454 mi)

• Service ceiling: 25,000 ft (RQ-1A), 25,000 ft (RQ-1B) () Armament

• 6 hard points, 2 of which can carry drop tanks.

• up to 6 AGM-114 Hellfire (MQ-1A)

• or up to 2 250lb iron bombs and 4 other lighter weapons

• or up to 6 AIM-92 Stinger (unknown number) (MQ-1A)

• or some combination of the previous.

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