NAME: Harmonic
FACTION: Autobot
ALT: Suzuki Hayabusa 2002 (with third wheel)

Strengths: Harmonic is fast, agile, and quick on her feet. Her audios (rabbit ears) allow her to hear most of what goes on within 100 yards, a second processor stores and analyzes the data

Weakness: Harmonic’s strength is also her biggest weakness, where one might hear the sound of an engine she hears the individual sounds of the parts working together, a voice is broken into it’s high and low notes. That’s why she needs her second processor, if she takes a hard knock to the head or a jamming signal hits a certain frequency she goes into immediate stasis lock. She also doesn’t carry a weapon(other than her sonic pulse) too often. The sounds and vibrations of most weapons and modifications may cause internal feedback. This leaves her to rely on her wits and a bit of CQC training she was taught in boot camp.
sometimes the 2nd processor takes awhile to bring up data it doesn’t see as important. So as a result she on rare occasion did not realize someone spoke to her until hours or days later

Bio: Harmonic was built as a spy, in her day job however she works serving drink at Maccadam's Old Oil House. Often though the two jobs intersect as Maccadam's is the most popular meeting place on Cybertron. She hasn’t had a mission since Longarm Prime took over the Intel department. With Cliffjumper now in power she may be called upon again. Though part of her hopes she isn’t, she rather enjoys just being a regular bot. Harmonic’s casual attitude and good conversation skills mean she is usually well liked. Jazz, a friend of hers from boot camp brought her some earth music back from his first visit. She particularly loves the music humans brand as Oldies.

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