Name : Hawk-Eye

Allegiance : ArmourCommando

Rank : Lieutenant Colonel

Alternate Mode: Kamov KA50 Black Shark

Weapons: 4x Rotor Blade Swords, Vulcan Twin Turbo Machine Gun, Unguided Missile Pods

Built for War and survival by Sky Quake, a long-term enemy of Thunderclash and The Turbo Masters, leader of The Predators, Hawk-Eye is what many Transformers see as the ‘Perfect Battle Machine’. Built with competitive speed, perfect agility and unbelievable endurance, Hawk-Eye bears The ArmourCommando requirements and exceeds Lieutenant General Svaat's expectations of a soldier.

Prior to accepting ranking membership under Svaat's command, Hawk-Eye learnt her entire battle system from Sky Quake. The rigorous and at all times incredibly violent training regime drove a dark aura into Hawk-Eye's spark. She does not resent Sky Quake for this training. She knew, as she was told each passing moment, that in order to defeat him she must endure and survive everything a Predator faces and more.

The Vorns in this training turned her mind to hate weakness as all Decepticons were taught. She wanted to conquer the battlefield and conquer her leaders. Sky Quake continued to teach her above his other Predators and along with her seemingly limitless skills of the sword she learnt a style of Energon precurement that humans relate to as Vampirism.

Joining The ArmourCommandos, at the time simply 'The Armours' and for brief campaigns The Armourbots and Armourcons, Svaat discovered this Vampiric trait and capitalised on Hawk-Eye's ability to extract Energon from her foes. He with DeadSight taught her intimidation and fearful tactics of how best to use such a trait.

Hawk-Eye's armour has being programmed and reinforced exactly like Svaat by Splinter Ice. The Lieutenant General and The Lieutenant Colonel share similar body distributions when it comes to armour plating as discovered by Splinter Ice and thus was able to equal and much to the Faction's surprise better the protection.

Fused with the power of Svaat’s Combat Protocol to boost her defence programming and has gained the ability to endure more damage than any other ArmourCommando can sustain, making Hawk-Eye even more effective in long, Energon exerting battles. This endurance boost also gives Hawk-Eye the ability to last longer without having to recharge her power cells and thus more economical to The ArmourCommandos Energon supply.


Supreme Swordsman and Close Quarters Fighter. Her fighting styles combine both melee and her projectile weaponry.

Special Ability

What does the strongest armoured ArmourCommando need when she is deployed to battle to raise hell upon ArmourCommando enemies? A Combat Protocol infused Body Shield thanks to Splinter Ice dipping her fingers into Svaat's deep financial pockets.

This coats and wraps right around her body and weaponry to give her a near invincible advantage to enemy fire. It has being tested to block the harmful effects of a Scud Missile, anything more is only theory as Ice wouldn't allow further live tests.

Hawk-Eye can activate this ability by accessing her combat protocol and Energon reserves. It chews up a lot of energy and her reserves only have enough for limited use.


Hawk-Eye has no physical weakness though her armour in her KA50 Black Shark mode has caused her speed to be slowed by one point

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