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Heartfall, a land of myth and in a time of legend. A vast variety of races populate the landscapes, a rich world in which a great deal is unknown. In this world, there is no good and bad dividing races, no chosen species to fight in gods favour. Orcs are a religious people, living in small villages and with primitive equipment, as per their creed. Goblins are famed for their trading skills. Even the warped Humes, those tainted by dark energies, have given great Heroes to the World of Heartfall. 

In a time when the shape of the world is unknown, and where the answer may not be what you think, and many lands that lie beyond the continent of Oligath are undiscovered, Heartfall allows for almost unlimited creativity. Perhaps to the south, beyond the realm of the dark skinned Humes, is a Kingdom of frog-like people, or to the west, a great Empire of jackals live, residing in huge pyramids.  It is up to you.

Several centuries have passed since the fall of the United Alliances, and a great many changes have warped the land of Oligath. A group of Heroes ventured out on a quest, a wizard, a centaur, a librarian, a thief, and many others helped to unite the Empires and Kingdoms against the darkness that threatened to blanket the land. But that was just the beginning. The Darkness was more than what was thought, and it drove the Kingdom of Rhiin and the Elron Empire into a bloody conflict with each other, the hatred between the Elves and Humes of the North was once again boiling and the alliance formed by the Heroes was shattered. The Heroes united once again and they fought against both realms, protecting the ones that came between them. The Second War ended in a sundering of all the kingdoms of the realm, a complete collapse of order. In despair at their failure, many of the Old Heroes left the land of Oligath, in search of new lands free from the burdens of the ruined Oligath. The Darkness had gone, for now, it seemed but it left a changed land in its wake. 

But that was then, and this is now, and the land of Oligath is need of new heroes. The land has stayed the same, ruins of the Old Rhondorian Kingdom – a kingdom from before that of Rhiin and Elron – still dot the land and the mountains are still carved across the landscape. But new realms have risen: the Kingdom of Albion occupying the low lands of the North, set against the ruins of the Old Rhondorian Kingdom; the Chiefdoms of Albadonia populating the island to the west, in the former Angrang Regency; the western Lordonian city states have bond together to form the Dominion of Lordonia; and many more changes besides. Though some things will always remain the same. The New Elron Empire is slowly forming, though it is a shadow of its former self. The Wood Elves claimed the southern regions of Elron for themselves and have left a dangerous fracture in Elven Society as a whole. 

But this is a little concern to the common citizen of Oligath, and they seek only to live from day to day. This is soon to change. The darkness that once covered Oligath seems to hang over the horizon once again and new Heroes, people who can change the course of history, are once again needed. Are you one of these Heroes?

This is still under minor construction!

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: If you would like to add to this game (be it races, places, or classes) then Email me with suggestions. 


Many races populate the word of Heartfall, and many have yet to encounter each other. The following are but some of the races of the contient of Oligath. 



A Norther Farmer

Northers hail from the North of the Oligath contient, from the Kingdom of Albion and the Chiefdoms of Albadonia. They are most commanly white skinned and brown haired, but have as many different permutations of hair and eye colour as all the races of Humes.


The white skinned people of the North of Oligath don't nesecarly hail from the Kingdom itself. Those born in the out lying towns and villages, and even those of the Bandit Kingdoms, would call themselves Albions, and proudly too. The Albions and their ancestors have a great legacy of large scale empires and innovations in magic and technology.

The Albions are generally very religious to their faith, and most of their Knights fight for a 'holy' cause of some kind. This transfers to the normal people too, who remain loyal to their gods though hardship and times of strife.

Race Class: Paladin-Errant


Residents of Albadonia, the Albains are a hardy people and willing to survive much strife and hardship. They all are generally tall and strong, with long dark hair. The Albains tend to have at least one part of their clothing resembling their Clan's tartan, and for the warriors this is most often the kilt, though any Albain can wear one. The people of Albadonia can be divided into subsets, as they all live very differently to each other. 

The Highlanders: They live isolated in the hills tending farms in small villages. Single farms are called Crofts and they are most often found on the hills, while the villages are between the hills. Very few mines exist here and the people live simply. 

The Midlanders: Living in the Central Band of Albadonia, the ruins of the Regency are slightly more frequent than in the Highlands but they are still rare. They live in villages composed of caravans, moving from site to site often as they follow the herds of wild animals. 

The Lowlanders: They have taken up residence in the towns and cities left behind by the Regency and could be called the most advanced people of the island. Mirroring their Albion cousins, the Lowlanders have adopted many mainland styles. However, this does not stop them being fearsly loyal to their Clan.

Race Class: Gallowglas


A Souther Merchant


Southers hail from the southern island of Lordonia, an arid desert baked by the sun during the day and deathly cold during the night. Because of the harsh conditions of much of Lordonia, Southers tend to be able to survive on less that there counterparts in more temperatre regions.  Each city of Lordonia is almost unique, a side effect of the isolated city states of the lands past. Even though much of the West of the island has united under one flag, they are still clearly distinct from each other. This leads to a multitude of variety in the clothing of Southers. 

Race Class: Askari

Westerling New

Westerling Chieftain


On a small island to the east of the mainland, a collection of nomadic tribes roam the plains all their lives. The Westerlings rarely settle cities as they folow the heards of animals as they migrate across the island, but since the arrival of their cousins, a few small permenant towns have appeared, and only time will tell of their success.

More often than not, Westerlings are very spiritual, though not fanatically religious. They believe in a multitude of beliefs as each tribe carries its own history and mythologies. 

Race Class: Brave


The Easterlings hail from the lands to the east of the mainland of Oligath. They are smaller than the averages of their cousins but the Easterlings still maintain a tall height compared to other inhabitants of the lands. 

Brought up with strong values of honesty and loyality, Easterlings make for good soldiers and are often sought after by the nobles of other lands, though the call of their homeland always takes presidence. 

While the vast majority of Easterlings are confinded to peasantry and farming the rice in the large fields that dominate the islands, some escape and rise in the ranks of the Samurai and become strong warriors. 

Race Class: Samurai


High ElfEdit
High Elf Female

High Elf Female

High Elves have one of the most extensivly detailed and recorded histories of all races of Heartfall, though this does not make them the oldest. 

Golden skinned and fair haired, High Elves are from the land of Elron. With a long and bloody history with the Humes to the North and the Dwarves to the South, tensions between the races can be heated, often leading to fights. But common ground is almsot always found and predjudices forgotten. 

High Elves often prefer to be safe than sorry, their cities defended tightly and with thick walls. The same is reflected in their choices of armour, prefering as heavy and as thick plate as possible. 

Race Class: Sentinal 

Dark ElfEdit
Dark Elf Male

Dark Elf Male

The red eyed and grey skinned Elves of Vvard have long dwelt in the shadow of the smoking volcanoe that dominates the ashed land of the island. A once strong and proud people in the days before the Elron Empire, the Dark Elves dominated the lands. But in the days since the first erruption of the volcanoe, their power has dwindled until they became a province of the First and Greatest Elron Empire. 

Due to the often toxic conditions of their home, Dark Elves are the hardiest of all Elves, able to cope with smoke and toxins much more easily than that of others. They also have greater eyesight, their red eyes able to pierce through thick smoke. 

Race Class: Watchman

Wood ElfEdit
Wood Elf Male

Wood Elf Male

The almost wild and drudic Elves of the Great, Darkling and Bright Woods are suclusive in nature and prefer to not interact with other races. They have hidden cities, often building them in large trees, so that they may not be found.

The reasons for their seclusive nature is due to the conquering of their race by the High Elves many centuries ago, at the founding of the First and Greatest Elron Empire. Their drudic and spiritual ways destroyed, the Wood Elves fled persuectution. Now with the Empire shattered, they hold the firests and guard them from enemies who would seek to harm them.

Race Class: Forest Matron/Patriarch

Orc Male

Orc Male

In the times of Old, the Orcs, once called the Strong Elves, were the most despised race of all of Oligath. Mercenary armies and bandit raiders numbered high of Orcish occuptations but then that all changed one day. Led from the darkness by an Orcish shaman, the Orcs became a more peacful and spiritual people and looked towards their gods for calm. 

Escaping constant attacks even after the great convertation of their people, the Orcs fled to the island of Nuzem, an unoccupied and mostly unknown island north east of Elron. A lush and fertile land, the Orcs made their home there and lived simply in small strongholds that they built across the green land. 

While most Orcs prefer the quiet sanctity of their small villages, some are still cursed with the adventerous spirit and seek out quests in the world. 

Race Class: Peace Keeper



Urk-Hi Male

Urk-Hi are the foul products from Orcs who turned from their peaceful gods and looked to the Choas Theory for strength, like many other races did before them. They met with the same fate. Twisted

and wild, the Urk-Hi roam the frozen wastes in which they are bansihed by most races of Oligath, save the Orcs who still recognise them as brothers. 

Urk-Hi are often wild and uncontrollable animals but they can be taught a different path, as many Orcish Shamans have done. Upon completion of their rehibilition, an Urk-Hi is allowed to enter the cave city of Huzengrad, a place of peacful worship for Urk-Hi and are given the title of Reformed, the greatest honour for Urk-Hi. 

Race Class: Reformed


Deep DwarvesEdit
Deep Dwarf

Deep Dwarf Male

Deep Dwarves are the common stereotype of Dwarves: short, stout and with a long, thick beard. Dwelling in cave cities in and below the massive mountain range of their homeland, Dwarves have keen eyesight in the dark and are able to naivgate caves with ease. 

From a distance, it can be easy to mistake a Dwarf for a Hume but up close there are several very distinct differances. All Dwarves have no ears, instead they have simple holes in the side of their head, and their eyes have a slight green or blue glow. 

Wearing thick armour and carrying heavy ornate hammers into battle, the Deep Dwarves are strong warriors and craftsmen. They are happy to share their crafts with travellers but finding their cities is a skill in itself. 

Race Class: War Artisan

Field DwarvesEdit

The taller and leaner cousins of the Deep Dwarves, Field Dwarves live in the great stone cities nestled between the mountains and hills of their homeland. Famous for 

Field Dwarf Masks

Field Dwarf Masks

their alchemy, and more so for their beer, the Field Dwarves are good friends to most other races and help out were they can with their skills. Little distinguishes Field Dwarves from Deep Dwarves save for one important feature: the face. Always hidden behind metal masks, the Field Dwarves face is a mutation cast upon them by a vegnful sect of powerful vampires. Never again can a Field Dwarf look upon the sun without burning into flames. 

Race Class: Boygart   

Gnomes Edit

Gnome Male

Gnomes are the small peaceful cousins of the Dwarves, living in their quiet villages on the lake-, river- and seasides of Moraite. Little bothers the world of the Gnomes, and their are quiet happy to keep it that way. But that does not mean they are ripe for pillaging. Gnomes are fearsouly loyal to their vilages and will fight to the death to keep it protected, should harm come its way. 

Bearing some of the same traits eyes as the other Dwarves, Gnomes are easily distiguishable by, instead of no ears, increabily long ears that come to a sharp point, much like that of an elf. The reasons for this are unknown, and probably lost to time, but that is the way things are. 

Race Class: Yeoman



Assassin New

A Masked Assassin

The assassin, the silent killer, is the bane of the influence noble. Lurking in the shadows and waiting for a chance to strike, the Assassin can waiting for an age while their target moves into place. 

Assassin's are typically allined to some sort of guild, and none of these guilds permit freelancing. This does not stop some from trying, however. Two major guilds of Assassins exist, the Dark Brotherhood and the Brotherhood of Assassins. Each follow different rules and ways, and each are sworn enemies of each other. 


Knight New

A Knight

The Knight, the hero of the people. Clad in plate armour and wielding a sword, Knights go on dangerous quests to rescue fair maidens or in search of hidden treasure. 

Knights are the common sight in the world, with everyman in iron armour claiming to be one. In the old days, a Knight had to be funded by a noble - a baron or prince - but now Knight Orders exist were they are free of those dependancy. 


Mages differ radically from Wizards despite the confusion among the naïve peasants. It’s more than just dress style that Mages are different than Wizards; it’s also the way that they achieve magic ability. Wizards are born with blood infused with magic, Mages force their way into magic, studying furiously trying to achieve new spells. Mages can never achieve the same powers as Wizards but they can learn the earlier, easier spells at a younger age if taught properly. Mages are also divided into different sub-groups, each with their own traditions.

Black MageEdit
Black Mage New

A Freelance Black Mage

Black Mages are the masters of destruction magic, wrecking havoc on the battlefield. Steeped in history, each black mage, especially those of a Maging Guild, is advised to dress in the image of the Black Mages of old: with a tall steppled hat and a long coat, carrying a curved rod. The older guilds also insist that each Black Mage is to wear a black mask to cover their face, in honour of the Black Mages who lost their souls to the Darkness in the times of the Old Heroes. 

Red MageEdit

The Red Mage is skilled in a handful of all magic but, crucially, is also able to skillfully wield a weapon. Wether is a sword or mace, the Red Mage is able to switch between casting a fire spell to slicing with a blade. 

White MageEdit

The White Mage shares many aspects with the White Wizard, and they are usually closer than any other Mage or wizard. They too specialise in healing magics and have little n difference to that of a White Wizard, other than the White Wizard having alchemical skill over the Whtie Mage's surgical skills. White Mages are ofen found in battle, or on the sides of one, healing and protecting their allies. 


Ranger New

A Forest Ranger


A Common Thief

A Ranger is a person who has spent many years in the wilderness, learning the forests and mountains. Aside from protecting the innocent passerby that wildlands, often coming into conflict with Bandits in the North. Rangers are experts in tracking and are invaluable in wilderness situations. They favour the bow above any other weapon but can also resort to using a small sword if necessary. The trademark of a Ranger is the greencloak, often with a small badge on the shoulder of their guild. 


Thieves are the skilled sneaks who rob nobels of their money and valuables. Either being a poor street urchin or a wealthy noble looking for a thrill, Thieves are the hidden stealers of the cities. Sworn to never kill and only to rob, the Thieving Guilds keep the thieves of the world in check, while taking a profit themselves when they can.

Seen as villians and criminals, Thieves are actually Theives for a myraid of reasons. Some it is for personal gain, others do it to give it to the poor, and others do not steal from nobles at all, prefering instead to steal from the ruins of the old and lost past. 


Wizards are special people with the gift of magic in their viens, people born with the ability. It takes years for a Wizard to fully master their preferred School of Magic and few have ever mastered two, other than those in the Grey Orders. Wizards are divided into sub-groups of Wizard, each specialising in different Classes of Magic. 

Most accomplished Wizards are old, often in their 70s. The benefit of wielding magic to this degree is the longer life span provided. While not nearing the age of a high elf, a Hume can expect to live for at the most 200 years as a Wizard. Staffs are often carried by Wizards. This simple stick increases the power of their spells because it allows them to focus their energies onto on object before changing targets. Some staffs are imbued with special powers now, and this is quickly becomine the norm for Wizards. Each staff is unique to the Wizard. Wizards usually dress in robes that represent their Magical Class and wear tall, wide brimmed pointed hats. 

Black WizardEdit

Black Wizardry is the nearly extinct art of geomancy, the manipulation of the planet and its energies. Coursing through the fabric of the planet, as well as the fabric of reality, are powerful magical binds that hold this chaotic world together. Black Wizards seek to unravel that. The skilled can create mountains, make the land vanish beneath and enemies feet and shift control the skies. 

It has been a long time since Black Wizardry was popular, loosing favour after several inncidents that caused the destruction of an entire city in the Old Days, and few attend the small school deep within the forests of the Northern Badlands. Only a few elderly wizards remain, and it was been a long time since they were asked to use their powers to any great effect. But their doors remain open. 

Blue WizardEdit
Blue Wizard New

A High Ranking Blue Wizard

Water, ice and steam are under the control of Blue Wizards who manipulate them to great advantage. Whether it is to freeze a lake, drown an enemy in ball of water or to boil the very blood of them, Blue Wizards are just as fearsome on the battlefield as any other. 

The central location for Blue Wizardry learning is the Drowned Tower, a large structure from the Old Rhondorian Kingdom that is completely sumberged at the centre of Lake Monlynx in Albion. Held safe by the powerful crystal atop the tower, Blue Wizards have an almost unlimited supply with which to test new magics. 

Brown WizardEdit
Brown Wizard

A Brown Wizard

 Brown Wizardry is yet another school of Wizardry that is dying out, though for different reasons than others. Brown Wizards, more often than not called Beastmasters, are the guardians of the forests, protecting them from any threats. They are peaceful and have a great love and understanding of the natural world, from the mountains of Moraite to the forests of Elron to the deserts of Lordonia. Able to converse with animals, Brown Wizards are able to call upon the natural world for help. But more and more people are drawn to the schools of Fire and Water in search of power. 

Their is no one central school for Brown Wizardry, since each region requires specilisation, so in any major region will be a small school dedicated to that region. To compelte their training, a Brown Wizard must travel the known world, visiting these schools. 

Green WizardEdit

Green Wizards are the masters of time and the worlds beyond. Said to hold some of the most powerful artifacts in the known world, and some say beyond, the Green Wizards, sometimes called Time Masters, are a secret order were few are able to join. No-one knows how they are selected, and no-one knows were they are taught. All they know is that somewhere are men and women with more power than any of the Emperors and Kings.

Grey WizardEdit
Grey Wizard

A Wandering Grey Wizard

Grey Wizardry is the oldest and most honoured school of magic, a school from when magic was knew. Rather than have a specilisation in one thing, each Grey Wizard is schooled in all the Magic Schools 

and spend decades training to earn their title as Wizard. They travel the world, leaving their tower of Phancus in the Darkling Woods, and visit each school to learn about magic. But only the GrandMaster, someone who is master of all magic, is allowed to enter the School of Green Wizardry, the School of Time Mastery. 

Grey Wizards are a rare sight now, with many looking for a quicker path to power. However, the Order still recieves several new recruits each year and has managed to remain a major power in the magicing world. 

Red WizardEdit
Red Wizard

A Red Wizard

Red Wizards, sometimes called Pyromancers, are the masters of Fire and all its destructive ability. Regarded as the most destructive school os magic, Red Wizardry is what is most commonly deployed on the battlefield. With the ability to summon flame to the finger tips or have it crashing from the sky, Red Wizards are a force to be reckoned with. 

The Red Wizardry's schools are numerous and are in many major cities. The Central academy is, however, located within the smoking volcano of Vvard, the home of the Dark Elves. Only the bravest or most fool hardy wizard would venture into the smoking depths. 

White WizardEdit

White Wizards are the most respected school of magic in the known world. Rather than have power over the land, power of beasts or over the elements, White Wizards heal others. They have the ability to cure illness, heal wounds and are skilled in a variety of medicine making techniques. 

World InfoEdit

This is list of several important facts and features of the world of Heartfall:

-The World is vastly unexplored, and only the contient of Oligath is were the game mainly takes place

-The world of Heartfall has 3 moons and 2 suns. The three moons are the Sophling (the smallest and the morning moon), the Amberund (the bigges and the evening moon) and the Goldnor (the night moon). The two suns are the Emlair, the larger, and the Holair. 

-When magic is cast heavily, a smell of cinnomen is left behind.

-Gods are real. Or they might not be. 

-There may be more planes of existance outside that of the Humes, Elves and Dwarves. 

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