Name: Hi-Octane

Alt. Mode(s): Futuristic Stealth Bomer/Jet Fighter

Weapons: -Modified HK-MP5 RAS (Rail Adapter System) rifle with slide load action, has scope and laser sight. 50 shots per double clip (One 30 round mag, one 20 round Mag magnetized together). Hi-Octane carries 12 spare double clips. -Explosives: 3 Trip Mines and 3 Detonation Packs. -2 Energon Blades: A sword and a dagger that doubles as a bayonet for the rifle or can be used as a hidden blade stowed in a gauntlet.

Allignment: Decepticons

Strengths: Excellent shooter, A high pain threshold, above average melee skills, Demolitions expert, rudimentary tech knowledge, capable of space flight.

Weaknesses: Often cocky and arrogant, though sometimes this appearance is given to try and throw an enemy off by provoking them.

Special ability: an ability in jet mode that renders him invisible to all sorts of detection except the optics/eyes of other TF's

Other relevant information: Loyal to the Decepticon cause is unquestionable though Hi-Octane would use techniques questionable by even his own side to help the cause, mainly working behind the backs of the other Decepticons and directly disobeying orders.

Side Note: Perhaps Hi-Octane's greatest strength that is uncommon to most Decepticons is his content at his current status, he doesn't crave a more powerful position. This allows him to operate outside the radar while efforts are focused on the more well known threats. This guise of a common soldier is effective at best when he operates his own agendas.

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