Biography Edit

Horrorflame is, in all sense of the word, insane. He doesn't laugh madly, he doesn't do inexplicable things, in fact, he does just the opposite.
War Within Horrorflame

Horrorflame, as he appeared on Cybertron

He is cruel, and he does whatever it takes to get the job done. Or to amuse himself. Whichever one seems like the better idea at the time.

After being relieved of his command in Darkmount, Horrorflame found himself being deployed on the remote outpost of Korash Delta-5, where he quickly took control, abusing anyone who stood in the same corridor as him. During his lifetime he dabbled in the forbidden sciences, creating all manner of techno-organic life, and even creating the mind-control device that brought him to the attentions of so many Decepticons.

Oddly, his life's work was only recognised in the cycles following his death. During a brawl near Polyhex, the same brawl that ended Thunderscythe's short life as a combatant, Horrorflame demonstrated great skill in armed, unarmed and airborne combat. He attempted to avenge the death of the scientist, by brutalising Airstrike immediately after the latter had shot Thunderscythe down.

However, as the fight drew to a close, the Autobot ship positioned itself above Horrorflame, and opened fire with its broadside guns, obliterating most of the Decepticon's body, leaving only his head, which was salvaged by Darkshock and Blazecleaver, who used it to track down Horrorflame's science experiments, for intents of their own.

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