Iguanas are a species based on the Red Dwarf Roleplay Book. They are the decendants of the ship's evolved lab iguanas or Squamata sapiens.


Iguanas are generally skinny and slow humanoids.  They have bug eyes and a zoned out expression most of the time.  They are sloppy dressers, eaters and make terrible roomates.  Some consider Iguanas slow manner and relaxed attitude a by-product of their penchant for wacky-weed and reggae music, but this connection has never been scientifically proven...not that anyone has bothered to try.

Additional FactsEdit

  • Senses: Iguanas are naturally adept climbers and love exploration of the unknown but never seem surprised by what they find.
  • Speech: When Iguanas do communicate, they are methodical and precise. They adhere to an economy of words, using the minimal amount necessary to gety their point across.Yes and no questions are probably the best kind to ask of an Iguana with any hope of instant reply (and it will most always be punctuated with "mon" - in a West Indies accent). Otherwise, you might find yourself standing around a few minutes while the Iguana formulates his or her reply, tests it in his or her head, mouths the words silently, and then gives the opening night performance.
  • Society: Iguanas are almost the human equivalent where slobbiness is concerned. When eating fruit, the table ends up looking like the atomic tests on Bikini Atoll. They don't concern themselves with other beings' standards of body order - they consider theirs quite neutral and pleasant. Their living quarters are usually akin to a third world trailer park. They are never embarrassed, probably because they really don't care what anyone else thinks of them.  When it comes to emotional displays, Iguanas give no indication of their feelings whatsoever, and will usually remain tightlipped and enigmatic unless they feel the situation is dire enough to warrant the sharring of personal information.
  • Religion: Iguanas have no real religious background since they are sloppy and carefree.


Iguanas are originally in a universe where the domestic reptiles weren't extinct.  Instead of a cat or dog smuggled on the ship by Lister it was an Iguana.  Iguanas are the decendants of the ship's evolved Iguanas or Squamata sapiens and have set up shops all along the Red Dwarf's Promenade.  The shops offer a variety of services such as dinning, pubs, game centers, clothing repair, trinket repair and resale shops.  The Iguanas didn't keep very good history on their race since survival was their first concern untill they were able to get a strong hold on the ships trade center.  Once the Iguanas were established they had a strong period of growth before the crew began to awaken.  However like the cats they left the ship before Lister awakened.

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