Inertia, decepticon black ops general

Alternate and robot modes: As shadow commander {Does not have nemesis prime uncombined robot mode.

Faction: decepticon


Cruel and fickle are both used repeatedly to describe how she operates. Having once served as the head of Galvatrons elite guard she was promoted to head of the decepticon black ops units. With her unique spark energy composition she lacks mercy and compassion, this dates back to her activation where her spark was exposed to a special form of radiation by her creator. In combat she remains silent until her foe is lying broken and about to be executed, she may then bless them by uttering a word or curse at them. Her armour plating is extremely dense but while this reduces her movement speed it provides near unparrelled protection from enemy attacks.


In vehicle mode Inertia can reach speeds of 60km/ph

Laser sword:

Standard single handed weapon. Can cut through most materials easily.

Fusion shotgun:

When fired a pair of opposing chemical projectiles are fired. The violent reaction that occurs between the chemicals acts like a small nuclear blast. Inertia is shielded from its effects.

Railshock cannon:

This weapon fires a projectile with a high kinetic force. Any object struck will be thrown aside as the kinetic energy is transferred into them. {this weapon is capable of doing this to guardian robot sized targets.}

Pulsar laser cannon/multiple missile launcher:

Capable of firing six concentrated armour penetrating laser blasts or 8 focused or diffuse blast missiles at once before needing a few second to reload. This weapon is highly destructive but is extremely heavy and has a massive recoil when fired, thus reducing its effectiveness.

Strength: 9

Speed: 5

Intelligence: 8

Agility: 4

Endurance: 10

Courage: 10

Firepower: 9

Accuracy: 8

Hand-to-hand skill: 8

Technical Skill: 6



Inertia has no know physical weaknesses.

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